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    Heres the scoop.
    My husband and I are moving back home after being in the military for four years. We are going to buy a new car and take a road trip to celebrate before we start 2 new jobs. We will be leaving from Chicago with the end goal being West Sacramento CA where my sister lives. The initial trip out there we aren’t planning on sightseeing much, just enjoying the view. I am planning for 2 nights spent on the road and arriving on the third day. From there here is my itinerary
    1. To Yosemite 3.5 hours from west Sacramento—stay the night
    2. To Vegas 8 hours away, spend the day and night there
    3. To Hoover damn (1.5 hours) stop and see briefly, and head the grand canyon (2 hours or so) stay the night there.
    4. Head to the petrified forest 9.5 hours stay the night
    5. Head out through Albuquerque3 hours spend the day in the city
    6. To fort riley ks 12 hours stay 1-2 days with family
    7. Head to barlow ky 8 hours 1-2 days with family
    8. Back up to Chicago- 6 hours

    What do you guys think. I know this is one heck of a drive and quite a lot to take in but when are two young people with no kids, no rent, no jobs gonna have this opportunity again! Advice please!

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    If you are getting your enroute times from a mapping program, they are very optimistic. Add 20%. Software doesn't have to stop for fuel, food, or bathroom, and doesn't get delayed by weather, traffic, or construction.

    To drive from Chicago to Sacramento in 3 days will mean you are driving 700 miles a day, which will have you on the road for over 12 hours each day. We generally recommend 550 miles a day as a practical maximum unless you are doing a "speed run" with 3 drivers.

    Sac to Yosemite is more like 4 hours.
    Yosemite to LV is more like 9 hours whether Tioga Pass is open or not. Why not take 2 days and experience Mono Lake (if Tioga is open) and Death Valley on the way?
    Plan on delays at the dam. The dam to GC is close to 5 hours, not 2.
    GC to Petrified Forest is only about 4.5 hours.
    Petrified Forest to ABQ is close to 4 hours.

    ABQ to Fort Riley is almost 800 miles. Not recommended to do in 1 day, that's 14 hours.
    Ft Riley to Barlow is closer to 9 hours.
    Barlow to Chicago is about 6.5 hours.

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