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  1. Default East Coast to West Coast in a month

    I'm from england :) me and my housemate are looking to roadtrip east coast to west coast in 2012 after we've finished university, we are starting saving now because we are both aware it will cost quite a lot.

    We will both be 22 in 2012 and have been driving for 3 years so we are hoping to rent a car for the trip.

    The main places we would like to visit would be disneyworld orlando, miami, las vegas, new york, san francisco and los angeles, we were wondering what people would recommend for these places, what sites to see etc... and whether you think one month is enough to visit all these places. We were also wondering roughly how much you think we would need each, especially with gas etc....

    Hopefully some seasoned road trippers can help :)

    Thanks :) x x x

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    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    I think you already have ideas of where you want to go based on the locations you've picked - what made you choose those specific locations? A search on this forum will bring you a wealth of ideas for every one of those destinations. Start there and if you need more clarification, by all means post your questions.

    I don't know what the cost of fuel will be in three years, but I think you would be wise to also consider the type of lodging that you will require. Will you be looking to camp, stay in hotels, etc?

    Most rental car agencies have a fee for drivers under 25 years of age. I don't think that will be going away any time soon. Will this be a one-way or a round trip?

    I'd say a safe base assumption, at today's prices, would be $5500 for this trip.

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    A month will give you time enough to "wander" across the country and enjoy some of what it has to offer.
    You mention major city's but the US has much to offer in the way of great natural beauty from the Appalachian Mountains to the East and the Grand canyon heading West to the Pacific,plus many more such as the Rocky and Yellowstone National parks.

    You have plenty of time ahead of you so I would invest in a good map and mark the places you want to visit and then with the help of the forums and road trip planning pages you can start to fill in all those gaps in between.

    I love the planning stages of the trip where you just keep finding new ideas searching for those parts "in between". After all a road trip is much more than just getting from A to B.

    Have fun !

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