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  1. Default Yosemite Curry Village - Closing hundreds of cabins for security reasons


    Last night I received a mail from Curry Village reservations concerning my reservation for 3 nights in June in a Non-heated tent.

    Last year in October, there was a huge rock slide, and afterwards they've done some research to ensure the safety of the rest of the valley and apparently those results weren't very good and they'll have to close a rather large part of Curry Village.

    Their mail encourages everybody to contact them by phone or email to see what the options are. Other room type, date or just plain cancelling of your reservation.

    I called and emailed last night, but I don't seem to get through so at this point it's safe to say that a lot of the people that made reservations will have to find another place to sleep.

    I don't have more info, I can post the entire email here if someone would want to read it, but did anybody have any luck getting through by phone?
    If so, what did they say or what solution did they offer you?

    I'll try again tonight, but i can't stay on hold for longer than half an hour, cause calling to the USA from Belgium is rather expensive :-)


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    Default Most welcome !

    Hello and welcome to the R.T.A. forums.

    Thank you very much for the heads-up in your first post on the forums, it's much appreciated and I hope you get alternative accommodation sorted out if needed.

    Enjoy the forums !

    From the Yosemite website

    A third of all camp curry accommodations closed permanantly !

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    I've been reading a lot on these forums lately, so I think it's only fair to send out some info as well.

    I'm guessing some of you have gotten this same email too. On a Belgian travelforum, it seems that people who have reservations for July, haven't gotten that same email yet, so maybe they'll be ready with changes from July onwards.

    I sincerely hope I can still stay in the valley, if I have to look for a place to stay outside the valley we lose a lot of time when entering the park.

    And I don't want to cancel Yosemite completely, it's just too beautiful :-)

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    Hi Klaus,

    Did you manage to get through to the Reservations Agents today about your reservation? There was a mistake in the number of emails sent out. Here is some official text that explains the issue [bold emphasis is mine]...

    Thank you for your correspondence regarding the recent Curry Village reservations email sent on the morning of Tuesday, March 31. We truly appreciate your feedback and want to assure you we are fully engaged to remedy guest concerns related to the closure of 234 lodging units in the Curry Village area of Yosemite Valley.

    Our intention was to send an email only to guests with reservations for hard-walled cabins, with and without bath. However, we mistakenly sent the email to all guests who have Curry Village lodging reservations through June 30. This resulted in an unexpected call volume for which we were not prepared.

    Our central reservations office has received hundreds of calls and emails, and we are answering each and every inquiry as expediently as possible. Please note we are simply advising everyone who holds upcoming reservations in Curry Village that we are seeking assistance through the alteration of their accommodation type, if at all possible.

    PS. I work for DNC, and although I am not directly involved in making reservations, if you continue to have trouble, you are welcome to get in contact with me.

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    Default Thanks for this post!


    Thanks for making this post -- I had no idea such a problem had arisen. It must be pretty nuts in the office about now!


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    Hi Theresa, thanks for the info!

    I got them on the phone yesterday, and they said my reservation was in the danger zone, and out of the 3 nights I booked, only the first one could be "rescued", so i'll need to find lodging somewhere else for those. So i'm only staying there on the 14th of june.

    It is strange however, that they told you it's only the hard-walled cabins that were in danger, because I had a confirmed reservation for 3 nights in a canvas tent, and I saw 2 nights of them cancelled. If I read it correctly, they somehow cancelled those 2 nights without it being necessary? Or to accomodate other guests in my tent. Though I know it's a pain for the people in the hard-walled cabins, they can't just cancel 2 nights I booked (and paid a deposit) when there's no trouble at all with my canvas tents?

    I think i'll give them a call to get some more information and if it's really the case that it's only the cabins that are in danger, why they decided to alter my reservation.

    I'll report back when I hear from them :)

    Thanks anyway :-)


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