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  1. Default tickets for the jersey boys chicago

    Were going to start our trip in the windy city and want to watch the jersey boys,any advice on how to purchase tickets ,Ticketmaster is a little confusing for international customers.
    have a great week everyone.

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    Maybe this will help you with Ticketmaster:

    How can I purchase tickets using an internationally billed credit card?

    If the billing address for your credit card is not within the United States or Canada, we will be unable to mail or ship your tickets via UPS or TicketFast®. When purchasing tickets, you will need to select International Will Call as your delivery method. Based on the selection of this delivery method, you will be presented with a list of countries when entering your billing address, rather than states or provinces. Your tickets will then be held at the venue's box office will call window on the event date. Tickets at will call are typically available one hour prior to the event time. In order to receive your tickets, you must present the credit card that was used to purchase the tickets, picture ID, and the Ticketmaster order number issued to you during the sale. The will call window at the box office is usually located near the main entrance of the venue.
    Ticketmaster is pretty much the only game in town, the only other ways to buy tickets are at the box office itself, and through "value added" brokers (scalpers).

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    Default monopoly

    Yeah, ticketmaster is about your only option if you want to by tickets direct from a theatre. All of your other options will be to go through various re-selling option. I've had some luck with Stubhub, and often you can find decent tickets/deals on ebay. Of course, if you go with ebay or any reselling option, you're taking a degree of risk and should take the appropriate steps to protect yourself and your money.

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