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    What a great site! We are a military family of 6 (kids ages 13, 12, 8 and 4 mo
    old baby). We will be relocating from Hawaii to Lousiana in July. We will ship our SUV to San Diego and drive to Loisiana, but will like to make it a 2 wks vacation and visit some great places along the way. We will appreciate any recommendations as far as routes, places to visit, money saving tips, etc. Thanks!

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    Default Places to Stop Everywhere

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    San Diego to New Orleans can be done by just taking I-8 to Casa Grand and then I-10 the rest of the way. There are plenty of places to stop along there that will particularly intriguing for small children. When I've take RoadTrips with my own grandsons (5 and 8) through southern California and Arizona, I'm sometimes surprised at what they find interesting. Even though the places that they ask (beg) to visit are Legoland and the like, they actually have just as much fun (for shorter periods of time) at places like Desert View Tower, Yuma Prison, the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, Pima Air & Space Museum, or Kartchner Caverns, and those are just some stops between San Diego and Tucson. There are similar stops all along I-10 all the way to New Orleans.

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    If you are interested in military aviation, you can visit the "boneyard" just outside of Tucson. This is where all the military aircraft are stored when taken out of service.

  4. Default How long is reasonable from San Diego to Louisiana (Ft Polk)?

    How long will it take if we visit 4-5 places along the way?

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    Default Four Days Should Work

    It's around 1,800 miles, so 4 days would be enough to make the trip and still
    take 2-3 hours a day for stops to keep everybody sane and entertained.


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    Thanks for your responses and advise. AZBuck, 1,800 hours in 4 days seems like a lot to an unexperienced, fist timer roadtripper like me! (Also, I'm from an Island that is 100mi x35mi in total and never lived on the Mainland. Driving long distances will be a new concept for us, but we are excited and looking forward to having fun). That will mean how many hours of driving per day? I'm so glad to have found you all, I really appreciate your advice.

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    Default Just an example.

    That will mean how many hours of driving per day?
    1800 miles over 4 days would be around 8 hours a day with short stops for gas,food and a stretch of the legs. Of course as you have 14 days you can spread this over a longer period into shorter legs but it's an indication of how much spare time you have to explore places along the way.

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