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    My wife and I are from Stalybridge near MANCHESTER UK and will be driving from Chicago to Seattle in May 19th to June 2nd.
    Please advise on most interesting route ,places to see,stay etc What about one way car rental ?? we are flying home from Chicago!
    We are really looking forward to seeing and meeting the folks of the north.
    All advice welcome and great holidays to everyone.Cheers.

    Looks like the main problem maybe finding a car rental that doesnt fleece you on one way drop offs,any suggestions folks.
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    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    Unfortantly, one way drop off fees really are a fact of dealing with the rental car business. Every company is going to charge that fee at a different rate, however, and sometimes the differences between companies can be dramatic.The best thing that I can suggest is to simply shop around with as many places you can find and when you find a good price reserve it.

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    thanks for that,great site this ,well done.

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