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  1. Default West coast road trip! i need some advice!!

    I am planning a road trip with some of my friends, We are starting in Strathmore, Alberta, and heading west for Thetis island , b.c. then down the coast to los angels and right backup towards canada. This is my rough draft for where we are going.
    Strathmore-Salmon Arm
    Salmon arm- Thetis island(britis columbia)
    Thetis island to Kalaloch
    kalaloch-down coast to los angeles
    los angeles to las vegas-salt lake city-great falls,
    then right on back to canada.

    Just wondering if anyone has any advice, about where to stay... we are thinking of mostly camping, and if we can't find a campground we will sleep in a hotel. also what to budget for, what we should do or see when we are in the united states, and places we should avoid. and really any advice about a looong road trip!!! Thanks a bunch!
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    Default What Did You Have in Mind?

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    This type of "Here's where we're going. Tell us what to do." type inquiry is the hardest to answer, because I don't have a clue what you'd like. There are plenty of posts on the Pacific Northwest, and the southwestern corner of the U.S. to give you at least some idea of what's available. As to costs there are many factors to consider, but this discussion should let you figure out a framework for your trip and at lest let you come up with a ballpark figure, but plan on more! Finally, these forums are just the tip of the iceberg as to what's available here to help you plan your trip. Be sure to go through all the links on the planning pages as well. Remember, it's your trip. You'll get out of it in proportion to what you put in.


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    Well I know that. I would delete this, but It won't let me. I will look else where for help.

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    I'm sorry we did not meet with your expectations, but we are not a free "A to Z" trip planning service. Did you read all the links that Buck so kindly provided?

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    Yes I did, and it was helpful. I said Thank you. I wanted to delete the Post and re-phrase the question, but like I said the website won't even let me edit it. and no I didn't expect an A-Z website, just like minded people, willing to help a girl out. I clearly need to be more specific, and I plan to do that. So thank you for your reply, although the atitude wasn't needed.

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    Default get what you give

    As with most things in life, when you give attitude after someone takes the time to respond to your question, providing many sources of information for you to use, you probably shouldn't be shocked when you get a half hearted apology in response.

    You are correct that we do not allow people to edit their original posts hours later as you seek to do, because this is a community where people can also learn by reading. If we have people changing their original questions, it becomes very hard for the anyone else to understand the responses. Not to mention, It quite frankly is rude and disrespectful behavior to change a question once someone has already responded, and that's true on any internet forum.

    If you had any more specific questions, you certain could simply have posted it as a follow up question. But as has been mentioned, if you are looking for someone else "help a girl out" by doing all the legwork for you, you probably will be better off looking elsewhere. Good luck on your trip.

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