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    Friday evening Chicago, IL to Des Moines, IA
    Saturday Des Moines, IA to Denver, CO ( Full Day Dive)
    Sunday Denver to Moab and see Arches NP
    Monday Moab to Page via monument valley and see glen canyon lake powell
    Tuesday daytrip to rainbow monument, horse shoe bend and antelope canyon
    Wednesday Page to Las Vegas via grand canyon NP and hoover dam
    Thursday Las vegas
    Friday Las vegas to Grand Junction, CO via Zion NP
    Saturday Grand Junction, CO to Omaha, NE
    Sunday Omaha, NE to Chicago, IL

    please let me know if this trip is feasible and any comments on places which i might have missed.

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    Default Two Too Long Legs

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Most of your days will leave you at least some time at the parks and sites you're spending so much time driving to, but the days Des Moines to Denver (670 mi) and the day from Grand Junction to Omaha (760 mi) are just too much to try to cover in a day. You'll just be too exhausted the next day to enjoy the drive through the Rockies or the drive home. So the first thing you'll need to do is to refigure where your stops for the nights will be. As a rule of thumb, don't plan on more than 550 miles in a day. Fortunately, you have plenty of days where you're only planning on doing about 350 miles where you can take up some of the slack. But as it is, you've got a pretty full schedule, and I wouldn't be trying to add too much more.


  3. Default road conditions

    i am planning to start the trip on 17th April from chicago. How are the road conditions in the route during these period.

    As per your suggestion i may change des moines to omaha as the first stop.

    are all these roads in between the stops nice during late april.

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    Default an impossible question

    Your weather forecast at home is never really accurate more than a few days out, and that's still the case when you are on the road. There's just no way to know what the weather will be in any location 2 weeks from now. While you are getting late enough in the year that snow is less likely to be an issue, it is still within the range of possiblities to see a winter storm either in the rockies or across the plains.

  5. Default best time of year

    what is the best time of the year to make this avoiding possible snow and also avoiding scorching sun in the deserts...

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    Default Clear Coices

    If you don't want to experience winter's snow or summer's heat, then clearly you want to travel in the spring or fall. My favorite months are May and October for that reason. In addition tourists are not out in force yet and you run a good chance of seeing flowers in bloom or foliage in color. But as Michael pointed out, that's about as good a recommendation as you can get and you must always be ready for your actual weather to vary.


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