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  1. Default KY - MO - KANS - CO - WY: what to see?

    Driving from Kentucky to Yellowstone in late May.

    Looking for cool places to see on the way.
    Very open to just about anything. I am a photographer, also, so anything "photo-worthy" would be great.

    Also, good places to camp on the way?

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    For my money the best photographic opportunities on that general route are in St. Louis and up/down river on the Mississippi, then along I-80 as it follows the Platte River and the old Oregon Trail in western Nebraska, then a quick drop down into Colorado for Rocky Mountain National Park. Some of the best and cheapest camping is in state parks, so be sure to check out each state's park web site for what's available in the areas where you plan to spend a night. If you haven't already booked your camping in Yellowstone, do so soon even though May is very early in the season.



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