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    My wife and I are going on a cross country trip from Guelph, Ontario to Fort Collins, Colorado to Vancouver, back to Guelph, Ontario. My wife's neck and back act up a bit during long car rides. I've read from some earlier posts that frequent stops and stretching help out a lot. But I was wondering if there are any back and neck support cushion things that can help me wife out. We are going to use a 2007 Aveo for the trips, so the seats are so so. Any recommendations would be great. Thanks

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    I purchased a back support pillow for a car whose seats I really could never get comfortable in, and it provided some marginal help. However, that is about the best I could come up with. Even that, while it helped a little bit for medium length rides, didn't help too much for longer distances.

    Really, frequent breaks and movement outside of the car is far more helpful than any extra aftermarket item I've ever found. I'd also say that the actual seats can make a big difference, but once you've already established your car, there isn't much you can do on that front.

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    There are neck support pillows that look like a horsecollar that can help.

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    Default Try stuffing a pillow on the central consol

    My back and shoulder ache if my arm (in the driver's case -- the right arm) is not sufficiently supported. I've found that a down pillow stuffed in the center console often solves this pain -- even if doesn't seem to really make sense.


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    Ergonomically designed, the car seat head support encourages a relaxed sitting posture and can help with neck pain relief, low back pain, tension and fatigue for driving. Attaches to your car or truck's head restraint or a high back car seat. For more information about the car seat head support, check out his site.
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    Before we got our new car, the seats in the old car started to give much less support than they used to. It started to bother my husband, who stands for the bulk of his work day (he's a butcher). I would say take your wife to Canadian Tire or even Walmart and check out the cushions and things. Buy what you think could work, go out to the parking lot, give it a try within reason while it's still in the package with the Aveo and return what doesn't work. It's hard to say way will work and what won't without trying. We ended up with a little lumbar cushion for about $10 and it was great until we bought a new car. I gave it to a friend and she's using it now.

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