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    Will be travelling alone May 27th until June 27th through Arizona and Utah. At Alamo a Chevrolet Trailblazer and a Dodge Durango are to choose from. As I'm very much interested to visit also the remote countrysides and a means to save money I'm gonna sleep a couple of days in the back of the car. What about your experience? Does anybody has a recommendation concerning a car for me? What about electricity? Is there a second cigarette lighter to plug in GPS from Alamo and a power converter for my laptop and battery charger?
    I'd be very grateful for any hint and good tips.

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    If you're going to be traveling solo, I would be very doubtful that a rented SUV is going to prove to be the car of choice. First of all, they're fairly expensive to rent compared to a normal sedan. Secondly, they're typically thirsty machines, guzzling more than their fair share of gas. Thirdly, sleeping inside any vehicle is not a great way to get a good night's rest. To be able to stretch out you'd have to at least remove most of the seating rearward of the driver's seat. I suppose you could do that at the start of your trip, store the seats somewhere, and put it all back together at the end, but you're still going to be spending nights in what is essentially an oversized can. Fourthly, if you have visions of driving one of these utes well off the beaten path to do some 'wilderness' camping, you should know that your rental contract will forbid 'off road' travel, and yes, they will know exactly where you've been. For all those reasons, if this trip is mostly about traveling and you only plan to spend a few days 'camping' in the car, I think you'd be much better off just renting a cheaper, more comfortable sedan and just buying a couple of tarps, a ground cover/pad and a sleeping bag.


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    I mostly agree with Buck that I think the "savings" you'd get from renting an SUV with plans of sleeping in it would greatly be exceeded by the extra costs of renting such a vehicle as well as the additional operating expenses.

    Sleeping in a car is a fairly common topic, and I tend to agree that its not a great option to really get the kind of rest you need for a long trip. However, if you are traveling by yourself, you could probably get by for a day here or there, even if you just rent a sedan. I think bringing a tent would make you much more comfortable though.

    Its hard to say what you'll get for power outlets in a rental car, but most cars these days have at least 2. Contacting the specific location where you'll be renting is likely your best option to find an answer to that question.

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    You can buy power outlet splitters at Radio Shack.

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    Thank you for answers.

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