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    We are planning on driving to Salt Lake City in June for a family reunion. Would like some ideas on things to see on the way out there. We are going to take three days to get there. Not for sure how long we will be there, at least three or four days and then back, maybe by a different route. Any suggestions or previous experiences. This is my first post and new to this web site. Thanks!

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    Default Two Obvious Routes

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    The two most direct ways between that city pair are:

    1) I-70 to Kansas City, I-29 north to Nebraska City, then a shortcut on NE-2 to connect with I-80 for the rest of the trip. The main highlights of this route are historic with much of it following the old Pony Express and Oregon Trail routes, especially along the Platte river in western Nebraska past landmarks such as Chimney rock and Scottsbluff. There are also great old western towns such as Cheyenne and Laramie and the drive through the Great Basin.

    2) I-70 all the way to Denver and then head north to Rocky Mountain National park on US-36. After crossing the park, continue across the Rockies on US-40 with a stop at Dinosaur National Monument before finishing up the drive into SLC.

    Three days each way will give you a little time for exploring sights along the way, and of course you can use either route out or back.


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    Thanks for the info AZBUCK. We'll probably use both routes. Isn't there a famous lookout over the Mississippi in Iowa? I'm not sure, but we'll probably be reading up a bit before the trip. Thanks again. Cecil

  4. Default st.louis to parkcityutahintwodays

    I'm going to Park City, Utah in June for a family reunion. I'm leaving from St. Louis and want to be there in two days. After that I have lots of time to sight see, etc. Where would anyone suggest that I stay the first night. On the way home I plan on driving south thru Utah and coming back thru Colorado and Kansas. Have plenty of time for the drive back. Any suggestions. Thanks.
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    Default halfway

    North Platte, NE would be roughly the halfway point of your drive. You're looking at a solid 12 hours on the road each day, and that's really more than we recommend for a solo driver. It can be done, but make sure you're following the speed run safety tips, and most importantly, stop if you are starting to get tired.

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    Thanks for the info. North Platte was what I was figuring also. I'm not driving alone, my wife will be with me and she will drive part of the way. Thanks again.

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