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  1. Default Help- we need a good set of walkie talkies

    Dear all,
    We will be 2 families driving in 2 cars and decided that it would be necessary to buy walkie talkies to communicate between 2 cars as we are flying in from europe and this is our first roadtrip.

    We need either 2 or 4 piece sets.

    1.Please recommend a brand that is reliable and user friendly.
    2.That can be used even in europe.
    3.Where in SF can we procure this?
    4.What would the approximate cost be.
    5 Do they come with car chargers.

    Do we need to consder anything else while purchasing these like water proofing etc.....
    Appreciate your advice.
    regards and thanks

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    Default FRS radios

    Hello SMM,

    For at least 10 years I've employed FRS radios when traveling in tandem with another vehicle and when one or the other doesn't have a CB radio.

    Probably the most popular, useful, and inexpensive option is the FRS radio. FRS stands for Family Radio Service and represents an upgrade from walkie-talkies using the CB (Citizen's Band) frequencies. FRS radios are very commonly available at large retailers and the ubiquitous Radio Shack stores here in the US. As popular as they are among skiers and snowboarders, I imagine weather-resistant units are available, plus practically any sort of options such as AC recharging stands or DC operations from a vehicle's 12-volt power supply.

    Have a look at Wikipedia's entry for FRS radio, and Google FRS to find a multitude of products.


    {And here's an overview of hand-held units in this RTA article}
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    The only downside is that FRS radios can't legally be used in Europe. They use different frequencies than the similar hand held radios available in Europe.

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