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    Hello folks Ė Iíve been quickly and suddenly planning a three-week road trip cross country. Itís a mother (53) and daughter (24) adventure. In a 2008 Honda CRV. The Grand Canyon isnít in this trip because weíve both seen it. Iíve been to Yellowstone but it so cool I would love to show it to my Daughter.

    Iíve got some two-night stops so we can hopefully hang out and explore a few areas. Las Vegas got in there as a revision. My original hope was to go to SanDiego and then up the coast to San Francisco, but I cut that out for time and money. Threw in Las Vegas just for a place to hang out around a pool for a day and relax. We donít gamble, donít want to see shows Ö so I could hang out at a pool somewhere else happily if anyone has a better idea.

    At various planning points I had some other things in here I would love to see Ö Yosemite, and Crater Lake. But theyíve come out.

    My plan is to stay in hotels all the time. Just cause Iím getting older and want a bed for my back and figure after hours in the car I am not going to feel like pitching a tent.

    Feels like I have us moseying through S.D. ...

    My daughter and I both love to travel and get along very well on the road.
    So, do any of you experienced folks have any comments on this plan? Any suggestions? Any better, prettier routes? I am kinda nervous about it, but excited. And folks keep saying DO IT! But I do worry about biting off more than we can chew. Hereís the plan, 23 days on the road:

    Leaving Maryland mid-may
    Asheville, NC staying two nights
    Memphis - staying near Beale Street to hear a bit of blues
    Oklahoma City - with a stop in Hot Springs, Arkansas that's been recommended
    Santa Fe(Staying Two Nights)
    Moab (Staying Two Nights)
    Bryce Canyon Ė Stay In The Park
    Las Vegas (Staying Two Nights)
    San Luis Obispo
    Big Sur (Staying Two Nights)
    Elko Nevada
    Yellowstone Ė In The Park
    Cody Wyoming
    Custer, Sd
    Kadoka Sd
    La Crosse, Wi
    Columbus, Oh
    And Back Home

    Thank you so much ... this is a great site.

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    The only thing that's going to be a stretch is getting from Big Sur to Elko in one day. Everything else looks like a reasonable 10 hour driving day or less.

    This is a 7000 mile trip. Anyplace where you are going to stay "in the park" is going to need reservations NOW.

    Moab and Big Sur is going to be expensive. If you can't stay in the park at Bryce, head into Panguitch, I can recommend the New Western. It used to be a Best Western and it's okay. The other hotels in town are run-down looking mom and pops.

    If you are using a mapping program to determine driving times, add 20%. The computers don't allow for any stops or delays, they never need refueling and don't need to go to the bathroom.

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    If you haven't been there before, stop at Mesa Verde on the way between Santa Fe and Moab.

    Take Highway 12 to Bryce Canyon. Make sure you arrive in time to watch the sunset. Also make a stop at Zion National Park after Bryce.

    The "Old House Rooms" at the Old Faithful Inn in Yellowstone are a cool place to stay if you can handle not having your own bathroom.
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