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  1. Default First Family Road Trip: TX to TN to SC (Need Ideas)

    My family of four is planning our first road trip with kids this summer. We have two daughters, ages 5 and 7. I haven't travelled that much, and we could use some ideas for stops and things to do to make this trip fun. The destinations are to visit family, but we want to take a little extra time and enjoy the trip along the way.

    We're flexible on the length of the trip and can take up to two weeks (including the time we spend with family when we arrive).

    These are the places we have to visit. Any suggestions for good places to visit on the way or near these areas are appreciated. :)

    Leaving from Dallas, TX
    2 days in Oak Ridge, TN to visit family
    3 days in Charleston, SC to visit family
    Back to Dallas

    I welcome any help planning this trip. :) Please, if you know of fun things to do that can make this first road trip for our family a good one, share it.

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    Some of the more popular major attractions along your drive would include Graceland (and Mud Island for the kids) in Memphis, the Great Smoky Mountains on the Tennessee/North Carolina state line, the ferry out to Fort Sumter in Charleston Harbor and Vicksburg National Military Park. There are also smaller scale parks along all the Interstates to break up the drives and give the kids a chance to just play. Besides all those, be sure to stop at each Welcome Center as you enter a new state and ask the attendants what they have that would appeal to you and your daughters.


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