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  1. Default Not a road trip... but a rescue mission!

    Ok. New to the site... much thanks in advance!

    So, I get the call one night from my daughter who lives in Vegas and we live 2,400 miles in North Carolina... Dad ( sob ) I need to get back.......
    well you know the rest...
    Here's my dilemna I want to buy plane tickets and have her and 3 kids fly home, problem is they have a 10 year old expedition w/125,000 miles and an outstanding $ 5,000 balance... My expressed thoughts, sell the car, pay off the balance and get a new one, here. I somehow get the sense they do not want to part w/ said vehicle...So options are as follows...

    1. I buy them plane tickets and they fly over here and me "Son in Law"
    drives the vehicle back. ( problem, if there is a problem /mechanical...
    guess who's going to have to solve it )
    2. I fly over there and drive the vehicle back w/ daughter... a precocious 7
    year old a 3 year old boy and his 2 year old brother... me wonderful
    3. Any suggestions?

    I should note... this same family drove this same vehicle from NC to California and shipped it to Hawaii ( our original home 5 years ago ) 9 months ago, then, shipped vehicle to Vegas 3 months ago and now are ready to come home...
    Pierre is vexed.... terribly, terribly vexed
    If it will help, me son in law is a long distance truck driver for a major carrier...
    Pierre, is not afraid of the road trip from Vegas, just breaking down somewhere in the middle of nowhere, w/o me tools and toting 3 grandkids.
    If it's necessary I-40 will be the route and Pierre loves driving... I-95's, me favorite and have driven the 40 as far as Nashville and consider it a delight... of course, have never driven w/ 3 screamin Grandkids!
    Sorry, for the sarcasm/ drama and hope I've not allowed my feelings of me Son in law interfere w/ good judgement, but could use some suggestions.
    Once again, thanks in advance!

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    Default Dr. Phil We're Not

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Sorry we can't help you with your interpersonal relationships, but as a practical matter your most workable option seems to be to have your daughter and son-in-law drive their SUV cross country to North Carolina. Strictly on a cost and headache basis, I think this would be best. While one-way air fares from Las Vegas to say Charlotte might only run around $100 each, you'd have to consider that any savings in direct transit costs (compared to 4 days of food, gas and motels) would be more than offset by the hit you would all take on the sale of the Expedition and purchase of something else once in NC. A ten year old SUV with 'only' 120,000 miles on it should still be in pretty decent shape if it's been well maintained, but a hundred bucks or so spent on a thorough inspection before the trip should give you all a much better idea of whether it's up to the journey and worth keeping. Besides a four or five day RoadTrip would be a great experience for your grandchildren.


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    What is your primary goal?

    If it's to get everyone back to NC quickly and efficiently, then the plane tickets will be faster and will cost less in the long run (as Buck said, the road trip will cost hotel rooms, food, etc.).

    If it's to get everyone back to NC AND enjoy it at the same time, then the road trip would be worthwhile, and you'd enjoy time with the grandkids.

    Trying to think creatively:
    Can you tow the Explorer behind something else? Something rented?
    Are they leaving Vegas permanantly? Do they need to move stuff as well as people?
    How about flying mom and children back, leaving son-in-law to drive alone (which means that IF he breaks down, he is free to deal with it himself and without the burdern of screaming children by the roadside)?

    As for the car, the possibility of it breaking down halfway home, etc., I would let them worry about that. You cannot "fix" everything for your adult daughter, even though she seems to be in a difficult spot. If you interfere too much you're setting her and hubby (though you obviously don't care for him) up for difficulties. He's going to feel resentful that he couldn't take care of his family, and you had to come in and rescue them. She's going to be angry that he wasn't able to hold things together. You're walking on thin ice here, and by helping too much, you could easily make things worse. Proceed with caution, and good luck!

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    I can't help with relationships either, but if I were her dad, I'd tell her to buy a AAA membership, make sure the cell phone works, pack up the kids, and hit the road. Whether son-in-law comes with her or not, that's not for me to say. It's a 4 day drive, I-40 all the way. 10 years and 125k on a modern vehicle is nothing.

  5. Default Problem solved... for now

    Thanks everyone for excellent advice...
    For the record, I don't believe the expedition was maintained properly, as me daughter had no clue as to when oil was last changed and whether or not their was an available spare tire, also Pierre's son in law will not be accompanying the traveling party...

    Pierre just purchased plane tickets via Southwest for 300 bux and will have his dotter & precious grandkids back by the 15th... no fuss/no muss....

    For the record, I've spent some time on this website this afternoon and just love it... as an Island boy/ born and raised in Hawaii, I've gots ta say, I just love it here, it's like one big island, although I've got to get over the idea that the beach is just up the street and San Fran is right over the hill... you'll understand if you were born on an island...
    Once again, thanks.

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