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    Default Chicago-S.Dakota-Santa Fe-St Louis Round Trip


    I am trying to help a friend plan a road trip and everyone always gives good advice on this site so i hope you might be able to help.
    THis is the route they are planning so far.

    Starting in Chicago (where they live)-
    Rapid City, S Dakota
    Cheyenne, Wyoming
    Colorado Springs
    Santa Fe
    Albuquerque, NM
    Amarillo TX
    Oklahoma City
    St Louis and then
    back to Chicago.

    They are not necessarily stopping in those particular towns but that gives an idea of the route.

    They will be going in May.

    Are there better more scenic roads than others to use.
    Does anyone have recommended places to go in any of these places?

    Also I think they have around 1 1/2 wks to do it- Does that seem like to much of a stretch to go all those places in that amount of time?

    ALso they like to stay in nice hotels and eat good food so any recommendations about that would be great too!!

    Thanks for your help!!


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    3120 miles, point to point on Interstates, following that order. It would take 6 full days of driving just to run that route. It's a 2 day drive from Chicago to Rapid City. The rest of the legs are pretty short till you get to the OKC to STL leg, that's a full day. Doable in 10 days with an overnight at each listed city, but the CHI-RC and OKC-STL legs will allow for very little sightseeing. You may be able to skip an overnight on one or more of the short legs to open up time for seeing specific things and/or adding other overnights somewhere. With careful planning and adjustments, it's doable but 2 weeks would be more relaxing.

    What is there to see? Off the top of my head - the Badlands, Mount Rushmore, Pikes Peak, Taos, Santa Fe of course, and the Gateway Arch.

    I don't have any recommendations for "nice" hotels because I'm a Motel 6/Super 8 type of person, I just want a place to sleep. Food? The Big Texan in Amarillo stands out for me because I like good steak. They have a hotel there too which is all in the Old West motif (see pic). The rooms and amenities aren't that great, it's Super 8 quality at best, not that great a value at 60 bucks. No wifi, but you can pick up the wifi from the restaurant in some rooms.
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    Hi Sarah,

    With 10 days to do the trip it's certainly possible to get around these places but it's going to feel "busy". They must of chosen the route for a reason and should get the map out and search the Internet for other things that appeal to them along the route, then they will need to decide how much of the trip they want to spend with the "wheels turning" and how much time at chosen destinations.

    I would estimate the route to be around 3000 miles plus extras so already they need to cover over 300 miles a day. If they spent 4 days of the trip doing little detours and sightseeing the other 6 days would be a full 9 or 10 ten hours a day on the road covering 5-550 miles which is the max we recommend.

    When you fill in some of the blanks we can help with some suggestions perhaps.

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    thanks for quick and helpful reply. Any other suggestions people have would be greatly appreciated!


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