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    My boyfriend and I got jobs at a Theater in Scottsbluff, NE this summer. We plan on driving out as we would like transportation when we're staying there. If public transportation were better there (or...existent) we'd fly.

    We live in Hoboken, NJ. We'd go through PA, visit his sister in Pittsburgh, Ohio, a little teeny bit of Michigan, Indiana, visit my friend in Chicago, hit up Milwaukee, Minneapolis, head over to Mt Rushmore and the Black Hills and settle in Nebraska for 2.5 months.

    After the shows are done, we would like to go to Denver, Salt Lake City, up through to Idaho to Coeur d'Alene, over to Seattle, then to Portland (my boyfriend has a cousin there), SF, and visit my sister in L.A. Then, get to the Grand Canyon, down to Austin, over to New Orleans, up to Nashville, then to Wilmington NC to visit my aunt, Washington DC/Baltimore to visit my boyfriend's aunt and home again, home again. Jiggity Jig.

    Are we nuts? My boyfriend is the one with the majority of the $$. He just got some inheritance and his father urged him to spend part of it on a big vacation. Neither of us have permanent jobs to come back to (ahh the life of theater people) so we're pretty open to a long time frame. Is three weeks enough for the second part of our trip??

    We'd be taking the interstates out to Nebraska (to keep on schedule because we have to be on time for our jobs!!) and then the open road is ours afterward. As you can see, we will be staying with people along the way and are planning on camping as much as possible.

    Can anyone fill in any gaps along the way? I mean, I don't plan on driving from Salt Lake City to Coeur d'Alene without some interesting stops along the way......

    Thanks so much!!!

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    The roundabout return from Scottsbluff to Hoboken is over 7.000 miles by the most direct point-to-point routing. But since you plan on wandering around, plan also on needing to cover closer to 8,000 miles in three weeks. That means you'll have to cover 350-400 miles, at least on average, for every day of your drive home. take out 4 or 5 days for family visits and you'll have to drive close to 500 miles a day, and that is really getting close to the upper limit of what you can do. If you can possibly add more time to this portion of your journey, do so. Otherwise, you'll just be driving to incredible places, such as Yellowstone, the Pacific Coast Highway, the Grand Canyon, New Orleans, and the Great Smoky Mountains, places you may never get a chance to return to, and all you'll have time for is to take a couple of pictures and regret that you don't have more time.

    The other problem with giving you advice is that your plan is to basically see nearly the entire country at one point or another on this drive, and it is simply beyond the scope of a simple forum such as this to help you with all of that. Everywhere you'll be going is described in at least some detail already in one or several of the thousands of discussions already here, so for your own benefit you should make ample use of that resource. Start by using the 'Search' function at the right in the second smaller green toolbar at the top of this page to look for specific topics, roads or destinations. Then follow the links to 'Similar Threads' at the bottom of each page. Wander around this site as you plan to wander around the country. Start your own journey of discovery here, then you'll be much better prepared for the one in the real world. If you have specific questions, then return and we'll be glad to try to help.


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