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  1. Default 2 weeks: Chicago to Yellowstone, Glacier & Banff?

    Hello all, We are two guys in our early 30s looking to plan a roadtrip in early June from Chicago to some points northwest. We need some help planning an itinerary - 12-14 days to travel from Chicago to Yellowstone, Glacier, and maybe even Banff. We would like to camp a good chunk of the time, but wouldn't mind finding some small towns along the way there and back, and maybe stay in hotels for a few nights. Any recommendations for time in each location, routes, or any must sees? Definitely want to do some hiking and rafting. We would like to make a circle-type trek - maybe heading out straight to Yellowstone, and come back through Canada. Never been out there, so any help would be great. Any advice regarding bringing dogs along or should we leave him behind? Are Moosejaw and Medicine Hat, Canada anyplace special?


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    I would leave the dogs behind. National Parks don't allow dogs a in a lot of places that you will want to check out. And crossing the border into Canada with dogs will require that you bring along some special paperwork.

    I have heard that Medicine Hat has a great museum with fossils found in that area. But it wasn't there when I visited as a kid. Someone else may know of a reason to visit Moosejaw, but I can't think of one.

    If you are planning to visit the Black Hills on your way out, camp in Wind Cave National Park, not near Mt. Rushmore.

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    2 weeks should be a nice amount of time for your trip, but there are a few things you should keep in mind. Going to the Sun road at Glacier might not be open yet in early June. It all depends upon the weather, so thats something you'll have to at least think about. Also, if you are planning to go to Canada, or just want to leave open that possibility, you will want to make sure you bring your passports. Passports will be required for all land border crossings starting on June 1.

    I would probably lean towards leaving the dogs at home. National Parks really aren't the most pet friendly places. Dogs aren't allowed on trails and in most areas of national parks, except campsites and in cars. I'm sure there will also be so additional paperwork you'd need if you want to take your dogs into Canada.

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