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    Hello All,

    My sister and I are planning a road trip for this summer.We have about two weeks (16 days) in mid June set out for the trip. We are leaving from MI, we live just inside the MI, so we don't have far to travel there. We are heading out to Denver to stay with my uncle for a day or two, and visit Rocky mountain National Park. We are then planning on heading to San Francisco, then to Las Vegas, to the Grand Canyon, and then heading back home. I have tried to plan it out day for day where we will be and what we will be doing. I am just trying to get some more experienced opinions on this. Do you think its enough time? We don't plan to say long at any place. Also we are planning on staying in campgrounds along the way. We are planning on staying in a KOA campground just north of San Francisco for about two days, and then another one by the grand canyon for a day. Any thoughts on this? Also any ideas or suggestions would be great.

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    The only way you can determine if it's enough time is to examine each day for miles and projected time driving, and reconcile that with what else you want to do on each of those days. I would recommend a maximum of 550 miles a day on Interstates, less on secondary roads. 550 Interstate miles roughly equals 10 hours in the saddle accounting for fuel and bio stops and a quick lunch.

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    You're looking at around 5250 miles of driving if all you do is go from point to point between each of the destinations you've listed. Add a little margin for side trips and you're easily looking at 10 days more or less of solid driving and only 6 days to visit family and enjoy the sights you're spending all that time getting to. Even though you say that you won't be spending much time at any one place, you also say that you plan to spend two days in San Francisco, a day at the Grand Canyon and presumably a day visiting your Uncle and RMNP. So you've already used up 14 of your 16 days! Now there are some people (myself included) who would be quite happy with such an itinerary, but you'll have to make sure that both you and your sister are comfortable with such a balance between driving and 'doing'. You will need to adopt a clear schedule that leaves a little wiggle room at the end of your trip to soak up any breakdowns, delays or unexpected time spent at attractions.


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