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  1. Default Trip from Sarasota, Fl to Toronto, Canada

    Planing a trip from Sarasota, Florida to Toronto, Canada and would like to know some nice places to visit on my way. It's gonna be a family trip.

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    Your basic route would be I-75 up to Ocala, then US-301 over to Jacksonville and I-95 north into South Carolina. I-26 to Columbia would connect you with I-77 north into West Virginia. At Beckley, US-19 provides a shortcut to I-79 which would take you up to Erie, PA where I-90 would take you to Buffalo/Niagara and the QEW to Toronto. The secret to keeping the 'family' happy on such long trips is to make it more about what you see and do rather than just slogging down the road. There are plenty of scenic, relaxing places to stop near to all the Interstates, so make use of those for time-outs every few hours just to have some fun. Major attractions near your route include Cumberland Island National Seashore, Savannah GA, the New River Gorge in West Virginia, and of course Niagara Falls. At nearly 1500 miles, this trip will require a full three days to complete at a relaxed pace that allows you to take a few one hour stops each day. But if your intent is to show the family something more of the country you'll be traversing, add a fourth day.


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