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    Default Across Colorado Rt 70 or 50??

    My husband and I will be driving from Denver to Grand Junction in early May, I have taken the trip via Rt 70 and it's breathtaking but I was thinking of taking a side trip to Royal Gorge Bridge thus Rt 50 would be the more direct option. Anyone have a suggestion?? Thanks!

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    Default Daytrip ?

    Is this a day trip or are you planning on stopping in between ?

    It's doable in a day but you will also be passing Currecanti recreation area and the Black canyon of the Gunnison. If you have the time for an overnight stop it would be worth exploring.

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    unfortunately it's just a day trip though I am certainly adding the Black Canyon to my list of places to see the next time we go exploring :)

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    It could be a pretty long day if you spend any amount of time at the gorge, it's close to 400 miles going that way on a lot of mountain roads.

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    Royal Gorge is rather out of the way when you are heading to Grand Junction from Denver.

    But it is a great day trip from Denver. Spend a few hours at the Gorge and come back via Buena Vista and possibly Leadville.

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