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    Hi Roadtrippers-
    My fiance and I are getting married on August 1st, then we move to the East Coast! We plan to take the 80, in a U-Haul, with our dog. We have 5 days, which will mean moving at a pretty steady clip (not much time for sightseeing), but we'd like it to be somewhat fun, since it is our honeymoon. We start in Berkeley and end in Connecticut. We were thinking that our 4 nights would be in/around: Salt Lake City, Cheyenne, Des Moines, Toledo. We would love to not stay in big cities (we'd prefer cute towns, lodges in national/state parks, etc). Any suggestions? Also- are there cool, easy, fun, bizarre or natural things to see along the way?


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    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    I knew you were coming from California - that seems to be the only state that calls Interstates "The". And they say the country is homogenized!

    There are a lot of wonderful things along the way, but your limited time frame gives you fewer options. Five days is the general wisdom here around how long it takes to get from one coast to the other. Having the stress of moving and driving a moving van adds to this time. Is there any way you can add an additional day to the trip?

    Where in Connecticut will you be moving to?

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    I'm afraid you don't have enough time to do anything other than take the fastest route (Interstates all the way). You are looking at 3000 miles, which is 600 miles a day. On the Interstates with a U-Haul, these are going to be 14 hour days with food, gas, and bio stops. Sorry!

  4. Default Places to see/stay on the 80?

    Okay... so we won't have time to stop anywhere. Where should we stay then? There has got to be a better option than the Motel 6 in downtown Toledo! Is anyone aware of cute/nice places to stay? We're moving to New Haven, CT.

  5. Default A place to stop in western NJ

    I grew up in NJ along 80, and one of my favorite places to go was about 10 minutes east of the Delaware Water Gap in NJ called Hot Dog Johnny's. It is right off the highway on Rt.46 in rural western NJ. Where else can you get buttermilk with your hotdog? Best part of all... it's in Buttzville, NJ.


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    Motel 6 is fine - but the ones at the Interstate exits in small towns away from cities are better bets. I won't stay at any more downtown 6's if I can help it - been there, done that - but I've stayed at some pretty nice ones too. Example - Holbrook, AZ, it was a real bargain at $40, it was right off the I-40 exit out by the airport. Where you find a Motel 6, you will usually find other chain hotels with more amenities if that's what you need or want. If you want "cute" you are going to have to research B&B's and similar, and those aren't going to be obvious or convenient sitting right off the Interstate.

    OK - SF to New Haven - here are the general areas to look at for each night:

    Wendover, UT
    Cheyenne, WY
    Des Moines, IA
    Elyria, OH

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    If you like gambling/casinos/etc then Wendover is a good place to stop. Plus, you can see the Great Salt Lake Desert during daytime.

    Rather than stopping in Cheyenne, you may want to stop in Laramie. That way you can see the Sherman Pass/Happy Jack Summit during the day.


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    HotDog Johnny's! Yes! I live in NJ (planning a big trip this summer after working in NE) and you MUST make a stop there. Simply wonderful. And, if you can, visit the Lakota Wolf Preserve in Columbia NJ, right by the Water Gap. It's not far from 80 at all. On second thought...with a dog....

    I grew up in CT, not far from New Haven. Once you're there, please visit Gillette's Castle, the Goodspeed Opera House and Hammonassett Beach. Great stuff.

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    Not much time to sightsee when you are driving a U-haul and you only have 5 days to make the trip.

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