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    My boyfriend and I want to take a road trip this summer, maybe with some friends. But I need ideas on where to go and what to do. We were thinking about heading down to Flordia to the beach (how classic, right?) But maybe some of you have other ideas or places we can go on the way or whatnot. We live in Louisville, KY, and there is nothing really to do here. So we decided do something this summer instead of sitting around like always. So, if you all have any ideas please feel free to write. We are pretty much open to all ideas :)


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    Default There's always time for a 20-hour!

    Quote Originally Posted by college_student01 View Post
    We live in Louisville, KY, and there is nothing really to do here.
    Louisville is one of my favorite places to go exploring around! What I would suggest is that you and your friends take a couple of 20-hour road trips and see if that is fun, before planning a trip all the way to Florida. The Blue Grass Parkway is nearby and if you want to do an overnighter -- Great Smoky Mountains NP is only 6-7 hours away. In fact, a 2-3 day trip along the Blue Ridge Parkway might be the perfect first trip for you. Here are some ideas to get started.

    You should also ready Peter Thody's article about the Old Kentucky Turnpike -- you are located in the heart of American RoadTrip heaven!..


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