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    Hello everyone!
    I'm for two more weeks in Breaux Bridge,La.Afterwards I'd like to travel to Beaumont,Tx and stay there for a while visiting(day trips)Nacogdoches,Crockett.Huntsville and back to beaumont,Question is it worth
    to visit the area?I'm on my way to San Antonio and Corpus Christi,not in that particular order.Then stay in the area of Rockport/Fulton,Aransas Pass.
    I have never been in the area and I travel by RV.Kindly advice as much info as possible.......The itinerary in Beaumont,I found it in an old edition of "Ame
    rica from the road".Many thanks in advance for your posting replies(know any
    good CG,you would like to suggest?appreciated.......nash.

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    Default It's been too long since I was down there

    Quote Originally Posted by nash25 View Post
    Question is it worth to visit the area?I
    In my view, any day spent on the road, trumps one being parked.... Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum! One of the RTA Advisors, Laura H, lives in the area and you might get some ideas from her post for this area.... San Antonio is a pretty fun place to stay -- I can't remember the name of the campground we stayed in the last time, but before you reach San Antonio -- Do you like looking for fossils? Here's some places that might appeal to you. And then for general tips and ideas for exploring Texas -- there's no better site than TexasEscapes. And, of course, in a normal year, it would be wildflower season right now....but it's kind of dry this year. Here's another story by Aaron in the Aransas Pass area.

    Happy Exploring!


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