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    My father and I have never been on a cross country road trip and this may be our last chance (we're both in good health, it's just that we've both taken jobs outside the US).

    We're planning on a road trip from Atlanta, GA to Sacramento, CA, we'll most likely be leaving the week after Memorial Day Weekend so that the roads won't be too congested.

    We want to make the most out of it, we don't have a timetable and we want to see all the sights and beauty that the country has to offer.

    Any recommendations on places to see along the way and which routes (we're not interested in driving on a big interstate the whole time), would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Are you baseball fans? Go to the Field of Dreams in Dyersville, Iowa, where they filmed the movie and have a father-son catch. It's free to get on the field and it's very peaceful if you get there early in the morning. Unfortunately the field is not in great shape, but it's still a great moment.

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    Default My own in 2007

    I planned and executed a Road Trip with my Navy Seabee son in late October 2007, the occasion being his return from deployment overseas and the need to get his vehicle from our NC home to his CA Navy base.

    As a family, we've been fortunate to travel more than many, but we did have some particular sights we wanted to see. A few ideas came up during the trip, which I'll add here.

    Having never been to Graceland in Memphis, I'll stop there next time I'm in the vicinity.

    There are a number of "Hometowns of Country Music" artists in Oklahoma, near I-40. I'd probably stop at a few of them.

    I'd want to spend more time in Amarillo, TX. We blew through there with only a stop for fuel and coffee at Love's. It looks like a fun town.

    I need to give Tucumcari, NM a better look. We got in late after a too-far day on the road, and we left before dawn the next day.

    I think I'd HAVE to stop at the junk shoppes at the Continental Divide near Gallup, NM.

    Being a geologist by training and early career, I can't BELIEVE I got so close to the Meteor Crater without stopping. And astroblemes have even become a very interesting geological study area for me in recent years! And I didn't stop there!

    Based upon advice obtained herein, we took a half-day "drive through" Grand Canyon NP from east to west. I'm glad I went, but I'd like to spend more time there.

    There's a segment of old Route 66 between Williams, AZ and Kingman, AZ which is well away from current I-40. I'd like to have travelled that segment.

    We did take in the "inside the dam" tour of Hoover Dam, and that was very enjoyable for a couple of builder/engineer oriented guys like us. Plus, we'd spent hours together watching various depictions of the Dam's construction plus the construction of the new bridge over the dam on History Channel when he was a kid (he was 20 and I was 52 when we went there).

    We didn't stay over in Vegas after the Dam tour, simply because my son said "What's a guy < age 21 with NO MONEY supposed to do in Vegas?". While I'm not much for crowds or glitz, seems like one would need to spend a night or two there just for the people-watching benefits.

    I'd definitely spend more time in the Death Valley and Yosemite areas after Vegas if our destination had been the Bay area instead of SouCal.

    Have a great time planning and taking your Road Trip!


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    Default Different Way, Other Roads

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    The tips that Foy has given you are goad ones assuming you go on a basically southern route using I-40 as a 'rule of thumb', but not necessarily your actual route. The other option is to go a bit farther north using I-70/I-80 as your guide. Along that general route some alternative highways would include the Cherohala Skyway (Why not start the adventure close to home?), some smaller roads sprinkled through Kansas, US-36 and US-40 west from Denver which will take you through Rocky Mountain National Park and along the Dinosaur Diamond Prehistoric Highway, and to give you and your dad time to talk, the Loneliest Road in America. If this is a one way drive, you'll have to pick between the two basic routes, but if it's a round trip, you can do both.


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