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  1. Default California roadtrip: starting and ending in San Diego

    2 of my friends and I are planning a roadtrip for this summer beginning in late june and lasting approximately 2 weeks. I'm looking for any advice or critiques of or current plan. Here's a basic (city to city, not address not address) google map of the route
    Here's the plan: Drive up the coast first, stopping one night in malibu, one night in morro bay, 3 nights in big sur, a day in point lobos and 2 nights in big basin. We will be staying in campgrounds in all of these places. We'll stay a day and night in a hotel in or near San Francisco. Then we will head east to yosemite. There we will stay 2 nights and head to mammoth lakes for 3 nights. From there we will head home, stopping at deep creek hot springs for one night.

    We have not reserved any campgrounds yet, so all suggestions are welcome. Thanks!

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    Since you've drawn up your plan, I can only assume that it's what you want to do. That is one essential requirement do a successful RoadTrip. Another is that you have plenty of time and money to make it work, and you certainly have the time and camping is one way to keep down the need for money. That general area has been the topic of a number of discussions, so read through those for some ideas that other people have kicked around for this general area of the country. Also see if you can find a couple of days within your plan where the three of you can go off in three separate directions, No matter how well the three of you get along now, two weeks in a car will put a strain on your friendship. Plan on the occasional 'time out'.


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