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  1. Default Early Summer South to Mid West to West COast Trip

    Hey Everyone,

    Two London based Limeys looking to rack up some mileage over a three week haul. Looking to do a sweeping route north from either Texas or Louisiana, up to Mephis, then back West towards the Rockies, Arizona, nevada and rolling up in San Francisco.

    Too much to take on board in 3 weeks do you think?

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    Default A big place !

    Hello and welcome to the R.T.A. forums.

    With 3 weeks you can certainly rack up some miles and cover a lot of ground but it comes down to what you want from the trip and how long you might wish to stay in one place.
    Coast to coast we usually reccomend 5-6 days driving and that would certainly be worth considering given your list of places and would leave you time to explore along the way
    Have a look around the forums and road trip planning pages and get the map out, once you have selected things that appeal to you and map them out we can help you piece it altogether.

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    Thanks for the feedback!!

    After a lot of pondering, I think I have a basic route mapped out.,39.375&z=5

    What do you think? Bitten off more than we could chew!?!?!

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    Default Real time.

    Gotta love google maps !

    I like the way it says 4,198 miles in 3 days and 2 hours. Of course a machine doesn't need sleep, food and fuel, Lol!

    We recommend in the region of 500- 550 miles, equal to 9-10 hours travelling each day as a maximum for multi day trips, allowing you time for short stops for food and gas. To cover the ground in this way equates to approx 8 days of driving leaving you 11 days for exploring the places you want to visit. [accounting for arrival and departure day to the US.]
    Of course you can juggle how many miles you cover in any given day to reach a destination point but it should give you an idea of timing.

    You will want at least a couple of days in each of; Yellowstone, Grand canyon, Vegas, SF to appreciate them so you can see how time can soon dissapear, but it's certainly doable.
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    You may want to consider doing this as two separate vacations. Spend three weeks and do a loop in the western states (CA, NV, UT, WY, CO, AZ and maybe NM). More time to explore and less time on the road. Bringing your rental car back to the same place is also much less expensive.

    Then come back some other time and do a loop in the middle of the US.

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    Thanks for the feedback there guys. Don't worry, the google maps timings are of course taken with a bucket of salt. A year ago, I might well have thought of a two trip stint, but now, unfortunately trans-Atlantic flights aren't exactly cheap... especially since we can't double our money any more with the Sterling-USD rate taking a dive. Net result, the budget can only stretch to one trip - and my word it will be stretched!!!! There's a recession on you know!!!



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    if you want to see the land from the highways, you can do your map in 7 to 10 days easy depending on how many true driving hours you want each day. Your map is no where near impossible and looks good. Me and my friend are into just getting to each state and doing nothing more so this is definitly doable. Careful planning is all that is needed. Research what you want to see, plan some shorter days, some longer. You'll be fine

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    Default It's do-able

    I suggest that you just be flexible. Get up early and hit the road to allow time during the day for a few stops along the way. An hour here and there out of the car will make the many days of driving easier on you. And give you time to explore to boot. You will probably need reservations at Yellowstone but you might be able to wing the rest. This gives you the flexibility you need for most of your trip.

    If you find you need to cut out a place or two because you've enjoyed a place so much that you've lingered too long, that's OK. Enjoy the journey and don't make it a checklist.

    Do you have any specific questions about your route, things to see in certain places, budget issues, etc.?

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