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    Default NYC to San Fran

    Hi all

    My boyfriend and I are considering an american adventure for our yearly getaway. At the moment our plans are to spend 6 days in New York then travel to San Francisco across the great US of A. So i was wondering how many days should we plan for, we do want to stop and see as much of the country as possible and there is only moi driving. Any expert advice on sights to behold and possible stay over cities would be greatly appreciated.

    Many Thanks

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    oopps should have said we plan to make the journey last week in august. ta

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    How much time do you have? NY to SF is 5 full days of just *driving* on the fastest route without doing any sightseeing other than what you see out of the car windows at 70 mph.

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    I live in Pennsylvania and hate to say it but it's a boring drive if you take one of the two main road to get across the state. I-80 and I-76 (PA Turnpike)

    But if you go off the path a bit, you can find some great stuff. Amish country is a unique and cultural experience like non-other. In Lancaster Co, about an hour West of Philadelphia. Heading west you have Hershey, PA, where all the lightposts are shaped like Hershey's kisses. Those would be two nice stops at the start of your trip. Good luck!

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    Default It's Time Dependent

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    glc is correct to ask how much time you have for the drive, because that will make the biggest difference in what you can do. It's a minimum of 5 days to make the drive on the direct route, I-80. Major highlights on that route, if you have more time, include Chicago and Salt lake City as well as Rocky Mountain National Park a short detour to the south in Colorado. If you have a week or more, you could first head southeast down the Appalachians on I-81 and then westward on I-64 to St. Louis for a scenic route and then I-70 to Denver where you could either go north on I-25 to rejoin I-80 or cross northern Colorado on US-40 to Salt Lake City.With even more time, other possibilities open up, including a slightly more northern route that would include the Badlands and Yellowstone. But again, it comes down to your time frame and your interests. And you've told us neither.

    The one piece of advice you've gotten that I would vehemently disagree with is Joey's contention that I-80 and I-76 across Pennsylvania are boring. I have driven both roads many times and find them both very interesting for different reasons. I-80 is bucolic (rather than boring) with many great vistas and access to some great college towns and forests. I-76 (the PA Turnpike) is an historic highway, the nation's first modern controlled access highway, and although it shows its age in some spots, any road with that many tunnels, bridges and old-fashioned service plazas is bound to be interesting.


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    Default Thanks.....

    to you three for replying!!

    Well I was thinking three weeks for the whole trip but we do want to spend a few days in both NYC and San Francisco.

    As for interests I have never been to the USA before so dont even know where to start as far as where to see and what to do.....I would like to experience a little bit of it all. More thought and research is clearly required!!

    Or it may be that we chose something a little less ambitious to pop our road trip cherry......

    Lee-Anne :D

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    Default You got it !

    Hi Lee-Anne,

    As for interests I have never been to the USA before so dont even know where to start as far as where to see and what to do.....I would like to experience a little bit of it all. More thought and research is clearly required!!
    There are thousands of ideas you can find on these forums and in the road trip planning pages [in the green tool bar above] and it's such a big place there are thousands of options.
    You will find plenty in this one thread.

    If you enjoy natural wonders then take a look at the National Parks website where you can click on any state and find the parks. Between Denver and San Fran another option would be to explore some of Utah's amazing landscape and the parks of Arches, Bryce canyon and Zion to name a few. The Grand canyon to Las Vegas across Death Valley and through the awesome park of Yosemite to San Fran is a very popular, diverse and truly magnificent route.

    Have a good look around, get the map out and keep asking questions as you build your trip !

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