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    First time poster here and very excited I found this site.

    Looking for some cool, unique, or even strange/weird places to stop on my upcoming baseball stadium roadtrip. Any restuarents, shops, bars, parks. Pretty much whatever the local culture is, we want to see it. Mainly looking for places between the major cities not too far off the path. First time on the West Coast.

    Here's the trip: 9 days.
    (In Order)
    SF Bay Area - 2 days
    Yosemite National Park
    Phoenix, AZ
    San Diego - 2 days
    Los Angelos - 2 days

    4 guys, mid-20's, huge baseball fans. Again, interested in anything unique to the local culture.

    Any help would be great! Really looking forward to hearing some ideas.

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    Default I Think You're Full Up Already

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    You're trip seems to be a lot of running around for not much in the way of reward. Once you leave Yosemite, each of your days consists of several hundreds of miles of driving and presumably at least a tour of a ballpark if not a complete game. If that's what you want, you can enjoy what you've got laid out, but I think that realistically, you've reached the limit of what's attainable. Trying to add more to what you've laid out will, I'm afraid, be counter productive in that you'll necessarily be stealing time form pursuits that are more important to you. Keep it simple and enjoy the baseball theme that is driving the trip rather than trying to add secondary goals. Just my take.


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    Have you considered minor league parks too? You will be going right by several of them. The one in Lake Elsinore is absolutely beautiful.

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    I just did a fun road trip "scavenger hunt" for a family reunion. If you go to this site roadside America and go to the maps section on the first page, it will give you quirky things to see near cities. I had family coming from the Oakland area to Yosemite and they visited a city called "Sunol". They had a "mayor" that was a dog (Bosco) and one of the bars there has a replica of Bosco and you lift his leg in order to pour beer ;-) Is that the kind of thing you are looking for? How about the longest continually burning lightbulb in Livermore? Or the oldest continually operating bar in California (Iron Door Saloon in Groveland). In the city of Manteca there is a sports complex called "Big League Dreams" and it has 6 replica fields depicting famous ballparks like Fenway, Wrigley and Yankee Stadium. Those are a few ideas that are not far off the highway that you might enjoy seeing.
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    "umk", thats perfect. exactly what we are looking for. Just quirky places to stop. We have to stop and get food and take breaks anyway, might as well do it somewhere fun.

    Thanks for the great ideas.

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    Joey- you're welcome! The family (mostly in their 20's and early 30's) had the best time discovering these fun places. Let me know if you would like more help and just give me the from and to cities and I can give you more ideas. Have a great time! ~sheri

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