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  1. Default Visiting New York

    Hi we we go to New York what would be the best way to see the city. We have a camper van so is it practical to park outside the city and take the subway in for the day then return to our camper for the night?
    Since we have a camper we would hope to us it for accommodation instead of hotels.
    We will be spending 3-5 days there I expect.

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    Default Public transportation

    In cities the size of New York, with widely available public transportation, I prefer to take the subway rather than trying to drive into the city and then find parking.

    Did you have any thoughts around where you would be parking your camper van overnight? Would you be in a campground?

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    Default Liberty Harbor is our Preferred place

    For convenience, it's pretty hard to beat the convenience of the Liberty Harbor RV Park -- you can catch a water taxi or other public transportation into Manhattan and come back each night.


  4. Default New York RV Parking

    Thanks very much, I'll check that RV Park out. We are hoping for something a bit cheaper but maybe the location being so good will offset the cost of having to travel in and out each day and the time used.
    I have heard you can park at some Walmarts and Casinos sometimes.

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    There are no casinos close enough to NYC to be an option, and I would not try Walmart anywhere near a major metro area. Bottom line, it's going to cost you to park a RV anywhere near enough to NYC to make daily commuting an option. When you look at the price of hotels, that RV park is a bargain.

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    Quote Originally Posted by asdex View Post
    We are hoping for something a bit cheaper .....
    Maybe you could book the manger, since the site states that both the park and the marina have an 'on-site manger'.


  7. Default Advice on RV parking in Washington and NY

    Hi we will be in Washington for a few days then New York for 4-5 days.
    I emailed an RV park in NY and cost is $60 a night for our 22ft camper.
    Does anyone have suggestions and for Washington too? Maybe this is the normal price for there I don't know.
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  8. Default Managed Washington ok

    We were able to park at nearby Walmarts and drive to Vienna Metro and park each day. From there its was a 30 min trip to Smithsonian station.
    Would anyone know a suitable subway station outside of NY with reasonable RV parking?

  9. Default Back home now

    Back in New Zealand now. In New york we parked three days at a Walmart in Jersey City and took the bus to the main station in NY. The bus stop was right in the carpark. Also in San Fransisco there is 24 hr parking $4/day above the ferry terminal in Larkspur.
    In the 88 days we did 10,700 miles and stayed in Walmarts most of the time and some state and forest parks. Saw lots of great stuff and had a great time. No problems at all. Great people, friendly and helpful.
    Best places: Oatman, Mystic, Port Dover, NY, Grand Canyon, Carlsbad Carvans, Clarksdale and many more.
    Thanks for the help we had in the forum.

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    Default Thanks for the update.

    Hi asdex, welcome back to RTA !

    I am so pleased that you had such a fantastic time and thanks for the info I am sure it will be very useful to other members, especially those that like myself travel in an RV/ camper.

    If you want to share more of your experience we have a roadtrip field report section and you can upload photo's !

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