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    Hi all. I'm an EU citizen working for a high-tech company in California. I do my work via the internet so I can do this wherever I am. I've been working mostly from home in Amsterdam for the past 2 years and I've saved up some travel money so the idea is to make a road trip across the US whilst not having to take (m)any days off work. I've not determined the route yet but that can come later. If it works out well I may be driving for 2-3 months, and I'll be on my own unless I meet fate, or something :)

    First of all I'm wondering if it would be possible to stay online with for example an EV-DO kit that I can borrow from a colleague. My thinking is I can drive for about 4 hours on a driving day, work 7 hours and spend the rest of the time reading, relaxing and having fun in general. I need to be pretty sure that where I'm going will have coverage in order to keep in touch with the shop. Has anyone here tried such a thing before?

    My preference would be to have a van since I believe it would be easier to park wherever is possible and the mileage would be better. I'd like to buy a van in the Bay Area as that's where I'd be starting and I've been looking at the VW Eurovan with tilt roof. I find these vans to drive very comfortably, but I'm not sure whether they sleep well or not. Sleeping I would want to do in the van for 5-6 nights a week, and 1-2 nights in a motel to take a bath or a decent shower and get a good night's rest. Are truck stops good to use for sleeping and parking whilst I do my work online? Do they cost any money?

    I've also heard of Wallmart parking but again I would need a place not just for the night, but to stay at for part of the day as well.

    So my basic questions are:

    - what van would be best? (or a small RV, but no trailer)
    - is it possible to stay online for work and have you done this?
    - where can I best park to sleep?

    Thanks for any advice!


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    EVDO is only high speed in major metro areas. Check the carrier's coverage map, if you are not in a 3G area, expect dialup speeds. You would be better off using wifi in non-3G areas. Most hotels have wifi these days, as do McDonalds.

    Truck stops are the safest free places to sleep in the vehicle, and many have wifi. You can also get a shower in a truck stop for $10 or less. They do not charge for parking, but it's best to ask permission, and give them some business - eat in their restaurant and pay for a shower. Other places to go would be campgrounds - state and national parks, and private (KOA, etc.). Those are not free and the ones in popular parks will probably not have any space for walkins, they are often booked months in advance.

    I think I'd look for a small conversion van. The Eurovan is very good for this purpose, but VW parts and service is spotty here in the States, you may be better off with a domestic or Japanese van.

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