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    My husband & I are heading west on Interstate 10 mid April (18th)in our camping trailer with our small dog. My husband has never seen the West Coast & I haven't been there since I was a kid. We have 3 months to travel and need to be back home mid July (15th). Tentative plans are to stay on 10 until Tuscan and then head up to the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas (we have friends there) & then over to California. We have friends outside of LA & also San Jose.... Up the coast to Whydbe Island, Washington & then we have friends outside of Butte, Montana. I don't want to be on a strict itenary & we'll evaluate our time left when we get there. That being said, we have no idea what is a must see or great routes to take with a camper. I am interested in showing my husband the wonders of the states & what REAL mountains look like! Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Fortunately, you have the time, equipment and inclination to cover most of the country on a major RoadTrip. Unfortunately, that means that it is almost impossible to distil the literally thousands of possible places to visit into a readable post. So let me just point you to a couple of more generalized resources for ideas: our A to Z Lists of things to see and do in each state, and places to stop every few hours along the Interstates. We also have a few compendiums of discussions covering popular destination areas such as Las Vegas and So. California as well as the Pacific Northwest. Those should help get you started on seeing what's available, as should just poking around the forms, following the links to 'Similar Threads' at the bottom of each page, and using the 'Search' tool on the second green toolbar at the top of the page. Now is the time to let your imagination roam a bit and then once a general outline of your trip has firmed up a bit we can help you some more with a few specifics.


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    Thank you for the tips....I have been poking around and have found great stuff, but your suggestions are great. Being new to this it's a little overwhelming at first, but with some simple directions like yours it gets easier....and addicting! Can't wait to get started on our trip & have this handy tool!

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