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  1. Default LA to Grand Canyon--any cool kid stops??

    I'm planning a very last minute four-day trip to the Grand Canyon with two eight year old boys. One would be happy to watch movies non-stop in the back seat, but the other whines all the way to Mammoth and is going to give a major hard time if we try to drive him all 7 hours to the GC.
    So, any good ideas of activities/water parks/super-cool boy stuff along the way? A friend suggested we stop at Laughlin on the way up and get a hotel with a pool, which sounds good to me. Any ideas for the way back?

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    Not familiar with that particular area... but when we travelled with our children, around that age, we made a point of stopping at least every two hours, whenever we saw a park or playground, especially if it had an old steam engine, or farm machinery in it. Gave the children 15 minutes or so to clamber all over it, run off all their energy, have a drink and snack, take some photos and head off for another two hours.

    It does of course mean driving through towns, you are not going to see these places from the Interstates.

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    Default Sometimes, Different Is All It Takes

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    Young boys have an inherent curiosity that can often be satisfied just by giving them the chance to see and do something different. Certainly you should get them out of the car a few times during the drive. But that will require that you take more than just a day to drove between L.A. and the Canyon. Otherwise, by the time you negotiate all the traffic into and out of the city, you really wouldn't have time to stop anywhere during a single day's drive that covered the entire distance. Some of the unique and different places along the way could include Mojave National Preserve, a jaunt down one of the longest remaining sections of old Route-66, with wild burros!, maybe just a break in some city parks, or even a side trip to London Bridge


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