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    My husband and I are planning a 2 week road trip for our 1st anniversary!! So we're starting in Utah (SLC area) and probably heading up through Idaho to Seattle. Then we're just heading down through Oregon to Northern California. I just wanted to know any amazingly awesome, little-known nature attractions (waterfalls, hot pots, etc.)/food places/camping places/shops... just anything that is totally worth visiting! We're planning on camping for most of the nights, maybe a few nights in cheap motels to shower :). But if anyone knows of anything incredible (preferably in the nature) that we cannot miss... please tell!!

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    The best advice comes from those who have been there, so let me direct you to these resources: a number of discussions of the Pacific northwest and a RoadTrip report from southern Idaho.


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    ………… to know any amazingly awesome, little-known nature attractions……………….

    A tall order but this, in my opinion, comes close.

    Somewhat off the beaten track – Hells Canyon (border of Idaho /Oregon) is a place likely to give you your memorable experience.

    Although deeper than the Grand Canyon it is a completely different landscape. The canyon walls are not as dramatic, grand or as sheer as the Grand Canyon but nevertheless it is spectacular scenery. And the best way to experience it is to take a trip down the Snake River through the deepest part of the canyon.

    Take a jet boat ride from the boat jetty at Hells Canyon Dam.(Best to pre-book) A six hour round trip covers about 65 miles - it is a superb experience with not a moment of boredom.

    Negotiate up to class IV rapids, stop off at various places, a good picnic meal and the day goes like a flash.

    The highly powered jet boats are certainly well equipped for the river giving speed and manoeuvrability when needed as the water levels can go from 2-feet to over 100-feet deep. An amusing and informative commentary throughout the day Some water spray at times so appropriate clothing needed.

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