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  1. Default From NEW YORK to OREGON

    Hello fellow roadtrippers!

    I could really use some help working out the best route for my trip this July. I'll have a small month to go from NY to Oregon, and i'd like to take the northen route and see as much of nature and small towns as possible.
    And i'd love to do this on the lowest budget possible! :)
    Does anyone have any suggestions for me? I'd like camping and safe hitchhiking tips and tricks!


    p.s. Anybody going in this direction in July?

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    Default where to begin

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    With a month available, you've really got enough time to go any place you feel like going. So I'd just start taking some time, pull out your map, and get some ideas about the places you'd like to go.
    safe hitchhiking tips and tricks!
    This is a bit of an oxymoron. Its simply not possible to hitchhike without taking a significant degree of risk. Do you not have any access to a car?

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    don't have my drivers license yet! I'm from Holland, and a filmmaker. I want to realise my short movie during this roadtrip.

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    Have you thought about posting in the 'Share the Gas' forum. You may find someone who would like to do this trip with you.

    As Michael said, there is no such thing as 'safe' hitchhiking, not in this day and age. And there are many places where it is also illegal. Best you forget about that option.

  5. Default Dutch girl taking a filmcamera and travel from coast to coast

    Hi there!

    I'm a spontanious Dutch girl from Amsterdam, and have a big trip planned! Going from coast to coast, NY to OREGON in a month. Leaving on the first of July!
    Doing this without a car and only taking a tent for sleeping.
    I'd like to see as much nature as possible but would also like to meet fellow travelers/students or pass by a music festival.
    If anyone is interested in meeting up or traveling along please contact me!
    I could use some help planning and maybe some suggestions on great festivals to visit!

    Who wants to join me?!!
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    Dag Nina,

    I can't join you I'm afraid - I'm already on a road trip in the US with my Dutch girlfriend.

    I do wonder how you intend to complete this trip without a car but still see the nature - the US is a very big country!

    Feel free to drop us an email if we can help you, or you need to read some friendly Nederlands.


    Nick en Christel.

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    Default I'm curious, too

    How do you plan on traveling across the US?

    If you are hitch-hiking, be aware that this can be difficult. It is illegal in many locations. Particularly on interstates. And safety...well, I wouldn't do it and I'm fairly adventurous although people still do it safely. Use caution.

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    I was thinking on taking busses and trains and walk a lot. And ofcourse get in touch with people through sites like and see if someone is heading up the same road and i can ride along. Am i being to naive?

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    Take a look here:

    The shortest direct route is 4409km, which approximately equivalent to going from Amsterdam to Seville in Spain *and back again*.

    Yes, you could take buses and trains, and I believe they are reasonably economical in the US, you would be limited to only the routes that buses and trains will take, which, I believe, would not work with your idea of "i'd like to take the northen route and see as much of nature and small towns as possible. ".
    That's not to say it would be a bad trip, I hear some of the countryside up there is fabulous.

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    Default probably

    You've got a few problems. First, train and bus schedules are somewhat limiting, particularly since they serve populated areas and don't offer too much into the rural/small town/nature aspect that you want to focus on.

    Your hope to walk is not going to be very realistic either. Particularly once you get out west, you'll have areas where it would take a full day or more just to walk between neighboring towns.

    As was just pointed out, you're looking to cover a very big distance. Even if you had your own car and were driving, it would still take you a week just to cover the miles across this vast country. While a month is a great amount of time to see the country, to assume that you'll just be able to show up, and see what you want to see, and you'll just find a way to get from the east to the west coast, is yes, a bit naive.

    Certainly, you can look for other people to share a ride with, and you can try to work buses and trains into the mix, and you might even be able to find rides if you want to go a short distance from say a town into a nearby national park, but I think you'll run into some major problems if you just assume that all of those things will just work themselves out. I think you will be best served by coming up with an actual plan of how you are getting between places before you step on a plane.

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