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    i'm planning a trip to the grand canyon with a buddy. neither of us have ever planned a roadtrip of this magnitude. we need to get there as soon as possible since we only have a week and i want like three nights hiking and camping at the canyon. google earth has it at about 29 hours of straight driving. we obviously were going to take shifts driving and sleeping. there is some concern of my 2001 focus with over 35k and the driving conditions as i get out west. any general advice would be welcomed.

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    If you only have a week and you want 3 days at the canyon, fly to Phoenix and rent a car. You guys are going to be so beat when you get there if you drive straight through that you will be spending the first whole day sleeping it off. Driving straight through, even with 2 drivers, is not safe. You are looking at a 3 day drive each way.
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    Default Need a re-think !

    Hello and welcome to the R.T.A. forums !

    I fully agree with glc, what you are suggesting is just not possible without having disaster written all over it.

    Straight driving on google means just that, no food, rest, gas or even bio breaks, just straight through and maintaining close to the legal limit all the way, it can't be done.

    Doing the journey over 3 days will keep you on the road for 10 +hours per day with short stops. You really need to find an extra couple of days or as suggested fly and pick up a car, Phoenix or Vegas would be options.

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    I completely agree with the previous two posts. As you mentioned, you haven't ever planned a trip like this before, so you are looking at a number from a computer program and assuming you can do it. The reality is that you can only safely drive so much so far, and if there is only two of you, driving in shifts really isn't a safe option. To safely complete a trip like this by driving in shifts, you need a second person to be awake with the driver to make sure they are staying awake and alert. If the only other person in the car is sleeping, its just too easy for the driver to start drifting off as well.

    If you can't give yourselves at least 3 days each way for this trip, then you need to look at airline tickets.

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