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    My girlfriend and I are looking at doing a roadtrip from Vancouver to Tijuana doing all the usual cities plus national parks in about 4 weeks give or take. Our main issue seems to be transport. We are Aussies living in Canada on Work Visas. It seems we cant buy a car here and then sell it in the US, we also cant buy a car in the US because we are foreigners with no residential address. Car Rental is expensive for that length of time and we certainlly dont want to use buses or trains. We would love an RV to save on accomodation but again seems quite costly.

    We are thinking about flying from Seattle to San Fran which would save a lot of time as, no offence intended, Oregon and Northern Cali dont have much to offer (apart from a few scenes in 24!!). True?

    Any suggestions would be appreciated?

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    You also can't rent a car in Canada and drop it off in the US - and rentals from either country will not be allowed in Mexico.

    Take the bus to Seattle, rent a car, do your touring, and drop the car off in San Diego. That's about the best you can do.

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    Default really?

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Well, I do think you might be the first person on the forum to ever suggest that there isn't much to do in northern california or oregon! Other than the San Francisco/LA/Vegas/Grand Canyon region, and perhaps trips to the National Parks of Utah, the Northern California and Oregon area is probably the second or third most popular trip on this forum.

    For transportation, if you would be able to use a car during your time in Vancouver, it might be worth it to buy a car during your stay there and use it for your trip. This will, however, force you to do a loop and finish your trip back in Canada, and if you don't have a use for a car for the other portion of your stay, it probably won't be very cost effective to buy a car that you'll only use for 4 weeks. Otherwise, renting a car will probably be your best option. A car rental and motels will still be cheaper than an RV, and you'll save some money by avoiding a drop off fee if you return it at the same place you rent.

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