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    Hi there,

    I'm new to this roadtrip thing and would like some help! I'm planning on going on a roadtrip from Vancouver, BC to where I could go for 1-1.5 weeks that won't cost me too much money. I'm planning to just rent a car and go with 1 or 2 of my friends. I know the most expensive part of this trip is going to be the rental of the car and gas. I will be turning 21 in the summer as well and that would help with bookings for overnight stays and stuff. I'm looking to go somewhere with a nice scenic view (hopefully to Cali?) and I don't want to just be driving the whole time, I'd like to enjoy the sunshine and scenes and stuff. Maybe check out some beaches. But my biggest concern is where and approximately how much it would be... I need help please!

    Thanks! :)

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    I would set a safe budget amount of $100/day; however, being under 25 will mean that you will have to pay an additional fee on your rental car. Summertime on the beach will also cost more money, though options such as hostels or even camping could cut that cost, especially if you were willing to forego staying very close to the beach.

    Even with just a week at your disposal, you could go to places such as Seattle, Crater Lake, and Redwoods, but if you're keen on sticking to the beaches, a drive along the coast roads US-101 and CA-1 could fill your time nicely.

    If you want to explore the Pacific Coast Highway more, the extra half week would be well worth it.

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