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    HELLLLLLLP! I am trying to plan a road trip starting 17 April from Portland to San Francisco (need to be at airport 1600) on 21st April. So far have Portland to Bend for first night - but am now struggling with distances and travel times. For instance can I do Bend, via Crater Lake to Trinidad in one day? Or is that just crazy - living in little old england I;m a bit baffled by the scale of the US! rough route is meant to be Bend - Crater Lake - Leggett - Bodega Bay and hoping to spend last night in Sonoma. The bit in between is proving a challenge. Any advice would be really appreciated.

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Yes, America is very much larger than Great Britain, but you can cover a bit more ground here on secondary roads (non-motorways) than you can at home on the A and B roads. Still, you might like to keep some numbers in mind. A very solid day of driving on secondary roads would let you cover maybe 500 miles and still have a couple of hours here and there to see some sights. But that assumes you get a moderately early start and continue until around nightfall. That's actually the way I prefer to travel, spending as little time as possible in motel rooms.

    As to the specifics of your trip, Portland to Bend is only 175 miles, so I assume there is something or someone in Bend that you'll be spending time seeing, otherwise, you would do far better to get a good bit farther along in your journey southward. Bend to Trinidad is around 350 miles, so again doable in a day, with time to see Crater Lake, even though the roads won't be the fastest.Your third day from Trinidad down to the Sonoma and the Bay area is another 300 miles or so, depending on your exact routing, and it should be relatively easy to get from Sonoma to the airport as long as you get there well before the start of rush hour. So put your mind at rest, despite the scale of your drives, they are all quite feasible.


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    Thank you AZBuck - what an amazing resource! can't believe I stumbled on this website by accident.
    We planned the night in Bend on a recommendation and then I couldn't find anywhere that looked as good before getting to the coast.
    Another question please - which would you think to be the easiest route? Bend - Klamath Falls - south to Red Bluff and then to the coast on 36 and stay inFerndale OR Bend - Klamath Falls - west to Grants Pass - Crescent City and overnight in Trinidad?
    Would really appreciate your further advice.

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    I wouldn't recommend CA-36 to the coast. While it's probably scenic, so are most roads in that area. The problem with CA-36 is that is very circuitous and slow and is not anywhere near the most direct route. It would take you at least 3 hours, and probably more, to get from Red Bluff to CA-101 on the coast. What I'd recommend instead is that after Crater Lake, you take OR-62 to Medford which would be the place to overnight. Then go north (actually west) on I-5 to Grants Pass and then use us-199 down to the coast. This also puts you in shape to see both the state and national redwood parks around Klamath before continuing on to Trinidad to spend your final night before flying out the next day.


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