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  1. Default One week road trip ideas

    We are a bunch of 10 friends in the late 20s planning to do a one week long road trip around July 4th weekend

    Many of us live in Boston, MA and haven't yet decided if we want to drive across the country to Yellowstone, or down to Texas. Since we only have a week, we are planning to drive one way and fly back from the closest airport

    The goal is to experience the country - local people, nature, food, culture, art. We are also interested in any festivals or performances on the way during July 4th week

    Can you please suggest itineraries? A completely different itinerary that doesn't include Yellowstone or Texas is also welcome! We have done California and Arizona in the past

    Since there is nothing much between Boston and Chicago on our way out to Yellowstone or Texas, do you recommend flying to Chicago and starting the drive?

    Vague stops I have in mind with no order for the itinerary to Yellowstone:
    a. Grand Teton
    b. Yellowstone
    c. Corn Palace in Mitchell, SD
    d. Badlands
    e. Wind Cave National Park
    f. Mount Rushmore
    g. Bighorn Mountains

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    Default flying options

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Well, I would strongly disagree that there isn't anything to see between Boston and Chicago, but considering your goals and your timeframe, I think flying would serve you best. Even from Chicago, you're looking at a long 2 day drive to the Black Hills, and yet another day onto Yellowstone. Minneapolis or Denver might be better starting points.

    Also keep in mind that things will be very very busy around the fourth of july weekend, and it might already be too late to find much for lodging in the Yellowstone area. If this is what you want to do, you need to start figuring things out very quickly. I will say that if this is what you decide to do, there is a fireworks show on Mount Rushmore that I believe is usually on July 3, that you should think about.

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    What you might want to do is fly round trip to Chicago (or Minneapolis or Denver) and do a loop tour from there. This will save you the one-way dropoff fee on a rental car.

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    Thanks Mike and glc for your responses

    Sorry Mike for concluding that there is nothing between Boston and Chicago from one drive I made between the cities at a stretch for business. The landscape didn't seem interesting at first glance. And many of us have been to surrounding cities in New England

    Do you have suggestions for interesting landscapes top down the nation? (north to south)

    What is your ideal scenic road trip if you had a week in hand?

  5. Default Milwaukee


    If you do decide to begin your journey from Chicago- you may want to consider spending July 3rd in Milwaukee- the Summerfest music festival (one of the biggest in the states) is going on at the lakefront where they also hold decent fireworks that evening. Here are a few links if interested: and

    Have fun!

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