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  1. Default Summer Roadtrip Help! Dallas to Phoenix to Los Angeles to Grand Canyon then home!

    I have planned this extravagant (I say that for us because it is our first roadtrip together) that involves the following. We are huge

    1. Dallas to Phoenix, Leave friday afternoon arrive Saturday afternoon. Go to Diamondbacks game, stay in Phoenix.

    2. Phoenix to SD, arrive Sunday in SD. We will go to Sea World and the zoo and a Padres game as well. We will be here until Tuesday morning.

    3. SD to LA, go see Dodgers or Angels game. We will be here until Thursday night/Friday morning, where we will depart for the Grand Canyon.

    4. Arrive in Grand Canyon on Friday, hang out for a few hours ( I wish it could be more, but have to be back by Sunday).

    My question is, we will have a little time to see a few things in between off the interstate. What all is there to do off I-10 and I-40? I know Meteor Crater, but have heard mixed reviews about that. Any ideas?

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    Default great on paper, not in reality

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    You've come up with a great list, but unfortunatly, I just don't think you'll be able to pull it off in the real world.

    First of all, Dallas to Phoenix is more than 1000 miles. That's the sort of distance that will take you around 18 hours to cover and really is 2 full days of travel. Trying to do this in one night will certainly not leave you any time to see things along the way, and will leave you so exhausted that there simply is no way that you could enjoy a baseball game that same night.

    The next day, when you'll still be tired from your marathon first day, you're going to drive another 6-7 hours, and then in a day and a half, try to cram in stops at the zoo, sea world (each full day attractions), and another baseball game?

    If this is your first roadtrip together, I suspect it would also be your last. There is a fine line between trying to maximize your trip and trying to do so much that you don't enjoy anything. You are planning to go way beyond the point of enjoyment. I urge you in the strongest possible way, rethink your plans, and have a trip where you have a good time, instead of trying to push yourself into an trance of exhaustion.

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