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    Default Canada to Ushuaia( South America)

    I'm in the very begining of the planing stages for a road trip using Dual Sport motorcycles for a trip to South America to what I could find as one of the most southern point being Ushuaia.
    So what I'm seeking is any helpful info pertaining to border crossings, dangers from the locals, I'm sure some areas are more dangerous to travel thru then others, I'm thinking parts of Mexico and Columbia. people and places to avoid etc from people that have already been to some of these places. As well info on what kinds of identifications and documents to help make the crossings from border to border more efficient with the least amount of troubles possible, Passports, personal identifications, vehicule documants and such.

    Any and all help would be greatly appreciated, this trip would only become a reality come srpring 2010, I feel this is not a trip to venture into lightly and all possible preperations and contigency plans must be made and gone over many times before we can take off on what is for me the trip of a lifetime.


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    I know I'm only scratching at the surface and you probably already know this, but there are no passable roads through the Darien Gap (Panama/Colombia). You will have to arrange boat or air transportation around that. The only way into Ushuaia besides air is a ferry, which only runs in the summer and does not run in bad weather. Remember that their summer is our winter.

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