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  1. Default route 66 and ghost town book recc's/info

    We'll be driving 66 from St. Louis to the Grand Canyon area. We won't be stopping much along the way.

    Not looking for stuff to DO/places to EAT on route 66, just info on what we're going to SEE- facts/history/etc..



  2. Default Ghost towns??

    Have heard a lot about ghost towns on 66 and in the south west. Are these really as interesting as they sound?

    When I picture a "ghost town" I picture a deserted, desolate little place in the middle of the desert, with dust-covered saloons and old wooden shacks, that looks as if it could have been in an old western movie.

    It would be fabulous to get to explore and photograph a place like that.. but do places like that exist?

    Any and all info is appreciated!
    Thank ya!

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    Default The Trouble with Ghost Towns

    There is a basic paradox to visiting ghost towns. They exist because they were abandoned at some point and because they have not been visited since by the more vandalism prone elements of society. Both of those imply that any ghost towns are going to be well off the beaten path and so, difficult to get to. I've been to a few such 'towns' in southern Arizona and they involve long drives over rutted dirt roads with a very good map. Even then, they aren't what you envision, but often nothing more than a few still standing buildings or mine operations. Unfortunately, movies have once again created an image for their own purposes that has little to do with reality. If you want to visit what you have in mind, then you'll have to go to one of the very few preserved in state parks (such as Bodie, CA) or as for-profit tourist attractions (such as Stein's, west of Lordsburg, NM). If you want to see the reality, then you'll have to leave the highway and track them down. Two pretty good compendiums of ghost towns are Ghost Towns and Ghost TownGallery


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