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    Hi, I am planning a road trip this summer, The Itinerary is not concrete by any means. I am not sure how many people will be going, but we may be able to stay with friends in Billings Montana, Denver Colorado, and Minneapolis MN. The route that I have so far is posted below. We will be a bunch of college students with a limited amount of money. We plan on staying in campgrounds in tents. Hopefully we can limit the time it takes also. Maybe a week to a week and a half. Any ideas for destinations that were not included? We need some guidance for the long route between arizona and chicago. We want to visit the grand canyon, yellowstone, six flags (chicago), and Bryce canyon. ANy ideas?,39.550781&z=5

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    Its great to start thinking about a roadtrip and what you might want to do and where you'd want to go. But the next step then its to figure out what really is possible.

    In this case, that starts with your route. You're plans are just way too big for a week to a week and a half trip. You'd have to be driving more than 12 hours a day, every single day of your trip. That doesn't leave any time to visit the places you want to stop. To me the obvious first step would be removing Chicago, as it adds about 1000 miles to your trip, but even that would still leave you with a lot of miles to cover in not too much time.

    You also need to figure out who is really interested in going on this trip, and who simply likes the idea of going on a trip, but isn't going to actually commit. Once you actually know who will be going, you can also get more into the details of where you want to go that takes into account everyones ideas. You don't want your trip to be an itinerary that one person designs assuming that everyone will want to do the same thing.

    Then you need to figure out the rest of the details of how you will travel. Things like how much money and time you'll actually have available, what you'll use for transportation, and other things that take you from the idea of a roadtrip to actually getting on the road.

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