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    Hi I have used this forum before & it extremely helpful so I am back for more.

    We will be flying into Seattle in July & & have roughly two weeks to drive down to San Diego. I thought about staying in the Seattle area for about 3 days & then making our way down the coast of WA & OR & N.CA.
    WE will be stopping in Sonoma county for a few days to visit family & then through San Francisco- Santa Cruz-LA_ San Diego.
    I am familiar with CA from Mendocino down so I need more help with everything north of that.

    I have two young children, my son is physically disabled & uses a walker to get around & a three year girl. So we try & make things as easy as possible & accessible as possible.

    Seattle- I have never been & have always wanted to go. Is 3 days enough? Where should we stay? In the city or out of town? What about Whidbay island, Puget sound & Olympia?
    WA- (2 -3 days)Cape Disappointment, Olympic State Park, Long Beach, Lake Quinault, Westport?

    Oregon- Also about 3 days but i am flexible. I checked out Seaside, Cannon beach, the aquarium, lincoln city.

    Northern CA- (3 days)- Crescent City, Jedediah Park, Del Norte Park, Humbolt, Trinidad, Ave. of Giants???

    Are there any places that we should definitely see or stay for the night/nights?

    I have checked some of the parks for accessibility & most have some trails
    Thanks in advance

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    Unfortunately, I've only been along the northwest coast once myself, and that was many, many years ago. I do plan to rectify that this fall and so have started to gather information. As usual, I just began my efforts by doing a web search on {statename tourism OR attraction} and found each state's department of tourism or its equivalent, and then wrote off for their brochures and magazines. The stuff came back very quickly and is being quite useful. The other great source of local intel is right here on RoadTrip America.


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    Here's a no-so-well-known gem you may like to put in your itenary. I would imagine the little ones will love it.... as will you.

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    thanks for your suggestions..never thought about visiting the Geyser but it looks like the kids would enjoy it.
    I am still hoping for more responses & suggestions about WA & OR especially what beaches we should stay at overnight & for how long. A friend of mine that lived in WA suggested Mt. Rainier & Lake Crescent in the Olympic National Park.....but it seems like it would be too much driving for us so i'm not sure.

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    The Avenue of Giants is definitely worth it... stop at one of the picnic pull-offs and enjoy a picnic lunch while contemplating the 500 - 1000 year-old redwoods all around.

    The stories they could tell!!

    Makes one realise how insignificant our lifespan really is... in the overall scheme of things.

    And somewhere in that vicinity is a tree through which a small car can drive. (Can't remember exactly where.) The little ones would love that.

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