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  1. Default Yosemite from Fresno in April

    Is it possible to explore Mariposa Grove [ via 41], then drive through Yosemite to get to Yosemite View Lodge,[El Portal entrance] , in mid April, please ? We will have a 4X4 but no chains [ rental co. don't allow], and coming from South England have no experience of 'snowy' road conditions.Thanks guys, can't wait as doing Vegas, DV , Yosemite then SF.

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    April Driving in Yosemite
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    CA-41 is kept open all year through Yosemite Park. That is not to say that it might not be impassible during a snowstorm, but the road is maintained (plowed) year round and you can plan on being able to drive from Mariposa Grove to El Portal. Chains and 4x4 may help. but the ultimate limits on your getting through will be road conditions and your own skill at winter driving. The main things you can do to give you the best chance are to leave the road crews time to take care of the roads, and leave yourself plenty of time to make the drive.

    You will, however, have to take the long way around from Death Valley to Yosemite by driving around the southern end of the Sierra Nevada through
    Bakersfield, because CA-120 over the Tioga Pass into Yosemite from the west is not plowed during the winter and won't open until May.


  3. Default Fastest route DV to Fresno, please

    Hi Guys, Am addicted to this wonderful forum, it's so informative, thanks to you all.
    Mid April we leave DV for Yosemite, staying at Fresno enroute. I'm confused which route to use,

    CA190 >US 395 >CA14 >CA58 >CA 99 or

    CA190 > CA178 > CA99

    Regards Heidi from a sunny UK.
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    Default similar

    The travel times are going to be similar, but using CA-58 will put you on a freeway for most of the trip and should be a bit faster. CA-178 is a more scenic choice in my opinion, though, so if you don't have a really firm deadline or you've got the whole day to make the trip, that is the route I would recommend.

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    Thanks guys for advice, so difficult to plan without local knowledge. If the scenic CA 178 route won't take much longer we will use that.
    Regards an excited Heidi.

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