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    What a great forum!

    I'll be leaving in a day or so (I had short notice) and want to know the best route to take to go cross country via the southern route to Hartford, CT. I want to avoid snow as much as possible, as I have a lowered car. I also prefer warm weather. ;)

    I also want to make sure it is the quickest and most direct southern route, as I have to get there asap. Avoiding construction would also help.

    And if you have any suggestions regarding hotels along the way, that would be great. Budget is around $50/night or less. I'll be driving at least 10 hrs per day, maybe more.

    I've driven cross country 3 times, and it has taken about 52 hours.


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    My choice would be (unless weather conditions dictate otherwise):

    I-15/I-40/I-44/I-70/I-71/I-76/I-80/I-81/I-84. Going any farther south will add too many miles and hours.

    2900 miles, 43 hours with NO stops, driving at the speed limit, no construction or traffic issues, so 52 hours is a good guess. I'd plan on 5 days on the road, 4 overnights. For 50 bucks a night or less, Motel 6 is as good as any, avoid hotels in or close to large cities as the rates will be higher and/or be run down and/or in a less than desirable part of town. Stick to small town or rural Interstate exits.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BBCMember View Post

    Budget is around $50/night or less.
    Check out this site, it may help you.

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