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    Hello fellow roadtrippers!

    A friend and I, are currently planning our roadtrip that will run from 1/6-2/8 2009. We are aiming for no less than the ultimate coast-to-coast roadtrip.

    We will drive from NYC to San Francisco, hoping to cover as much of America as possible, as we make our way across. The car will be in our possession 6/4-7/30. The first and last 3 days respectively will be spent in NYC and San Fran.

    We have made a rough sketch of the route we would like to travel.

    As far as accomodation goes, we have booked our first three nights in NYC - We will be staying at the Holiday Express Inn Madison Sq Garden. A little expensive, yes - but landing with hardcore jetlag, we figured it would be worth it. Furthermore we have booked 3 days on the Imperial Palace in Vegas. We will be staying in Vegas 7/14-7/17. That will leave us 13 car-days to get to San Fran.

    Along with references to our map, here will be a short idea of what we would like to do during the trip.

    A: The first few days are spent in NYC
    B: South along the coast - Six Flags Great Adventure and Atlantic City are waiting
    B1: Washington
    C: Niagara Falls
    D: Through Ohio to visit relatives
    E: South to Miami Beach - stop at Old Clinton BBQ
    F: West along to coast to New Orleans
    F1: North to St. Louis - possibly making a stop at Nashville
    G: Travelling by Historic Route 66 to Dallas, Texas
    H: From Dallas to Roswell - Home of the Aliens
    I: North to Denver
    J: Northeast to Mt. Rushmore, and then west to Yellowstone National Park
    K: South to Salt Lake City
    L: South to Vegas through Fishlake and Dixie national forest with the final stretch going past Grand Canyon
    M: West through Death Valley
    N: South to San Diego
    O: North to Los Angeles
    P: North to San Fran - Possibly reroute past Yosemite along the way

    All inputs, comments and ideas are very much welcome, as this is our very first road trip. Tips for interesting stops along the route will also be very much appreciated.


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    Default Very nice !

    Hello and welcome to the R.T.A. forums.

    Well thats quite some trip you have going on !

    With such a large trip it is always difficult to make singular suggestions as there are literally thousands upon thousands of options available, but as you break your journey down and find areas of uncertainty, then let us know. I would suggest you have a good search of the forums and road trip planning pages as they are full of ideas.

    Having had a quick look at your map, I would recommend trying to fill in some of that blank between Denver and Grand canyon, where you loop up to Yellowstone, even if it was a detour on the way back down into Utah through Green river to Moab and Arches NP and then back towards your original route taking in Capitol reef, Bryce canyon and Zion NP before heading to GC. It's a remarkable area.

    Another is SD to SF, one of the greatest ocean drives in the world run between here and you are travelling inland on Interstate, take 2 or 3 days at least and enjoy the coastal highway. I would highly recommend Yosemite, it's fantastic and if possible I would go from Death valley to Yosemite and cross the Sierra's on hwy 120 [Tioga pass] which is a fantastic drive. This would lead you to SF first and then head South down the coast to SD giving the advantage of travelling with the coast on your side of the road, giving you clearer views and easy access to pull outs for Ocean views.

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    Southwest Dave:

    Thanks for the input. Your point regarding the loop to Yellowstone is well taken! Having had a more thorough look on the map, it would indeed be a shame to miss out on much of that lovely area.

    Your idea regarding going to Yosemite before heading towards LA / SD, is indeed a fantastic one. It would be fantastic to pass through the Tioga pass. The one thing that worries me in that respect, would be whether or not we would be able to hold to our schedule? Remember, we only have 13 days from leaving Vegas, till turning in the car in San Francisco.

    Generally, would you guys think that our route is ok, timewise? All things aside we "only" have two months to do all this driving. Are we good, or should we consider shortening the trip?

    Best Regards

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    13 days from LV to SF is very doable, even if you go from LV to DV and Yosemite, then to SF to pick up the coast road down to LA then on to SD. If you get rushed at the end, SD to SF is drivable in one day via Interstate highways, it's only about 500 miles. If you have more than one day left, you can take a more leisurely and scenic route inland.

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    Default Already booked ?

    Hi Benjamin,

    Remember, we only have 13 days from leaving Vegas, till turning in the car in San Francisco.
    As glc pointed out, 13 days will give you time to cover the ground but I was also thinking that, if still possible, you could finish your trip in LA or SD and fly out from there but maybe your car and [or] flights are already arranged.

    All things aside we "only" have two months to do all this driving. Are we good, or should we consider shortening the trip?
    What a lot of us would give for a whole 2 months right now ! Lol !

    I would say you are good, but remember you could spend 2 years driving around in the US and only scratch the surface so it's really balancing your time to suit you and your needs from the trip.

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    Default green with envy

    aaawww! I just wish I could take that kind of break & see the East coast.
    You guys have fun now.


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    Dave: Both car and flight is arranged and paid for, so we will definetly be leaving from San Francisco. I was thinking, maybe we could do Yosemite just before San Francisco, heading northeast from LA, looping around Yosemite and entering from the east, proceeding west via Tioga pass to San Fran? Would that be totally ludicrous?

    Remember, our route is still only very roughly sketched. We pretty much zoomed out to the full size map, and added the waypoints approximately in the right places - Just to get an idea of the total mileage, and to have something more concrete to base our planning on.

    Aye, two months is a lot, but still - this will most likely be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for us, so we decided we might aswell go all in and make it something worth remembering :-)

    Also, any tips on placing a CB radio in a rental car? Should we go for a handheld instead?

    Thanks for all the replies so far!


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