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    Me and my boyfriend are from the UK. We are planning a road trip from Boston to San Francisco in October stopping in alot of different places along the way and goin down to Texas aswell. We are looking to go for about 3 weeks, would this be enough time? we also not sure what the best opstion would be travelwise, would it be better to travel by car and stay in hotels along the way or to rent an RV, what are the best websites to rent transport that can be dropped off in different parts of the country. Any suggestions and tips would be greatly appreciated!

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    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    Three weeks is plenty of time to do a one-way trip from Boston to San Francisco. Are you familiar with driving a vehicle such as an RV? Chances are, going with the rental/hotel combination would be more comfortable for you.

    Most of the major rental companies allow one-way rentals, but there is a surcharge for this. Check with the individual companies for details. The major players include Hertz, Alamo, and Avis, to name just three. Be careful, though - some companies may have limitations on where you can drive their vehicles. Some, for instance, do not allow travel South of the Kentucky-Virginia line (this was an Enterprise rental I had a couple of years ago).

    Besides Texas, what are some of the other places you had in mind for your trip?

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    Hello and welcome to R.T.A.

    would it be better to travel by car and stay in hotels along the way or to rent an RV,
    Only you can answer this question as there is a good case to answer on each side. However if you are not really "campers" and the budget is an issue the RV will be far more expensive than a car and Motels with just the two of you sharing the cost. If it's a lifestyle choice and budget isn't an issue I would always opt for the RV, but that's just me ! ;-)
    If you want to get quotes for comparison then I would look at the "big two" which is Cruise America and El Monte for a one way rental. Make sure you check all the extras such as mileage charges, kitchen and bedding kits and take into consideration that there will be camp ground fees [normally between $18 and $40 per night] and that you will only get a return of around 10mpg which will mean a lot of gas for your trip.

    From Texas you will have the opportunity to choose from many National parks on your way to San Fran including the Grand canyon and one of my favorites, Yosemite

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